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Free Photoshop Actions Sets To Enhance Your Photos

An action is a series of tasks that you play back on a single file or a batch of files – menu commands, palette options, tool actions, and so on. Photoshop and Illustrator come with predefined actions installed that help you perform common tasks.

You can create Photoshop action that changes the size of an image, applies a filter to the image for a particular effect, and then saves the file in the desired format. Actions can include stops that let you perform tasks that cannot be recorded (for example, using a painting tool).

You can use these actions as is, customize them to meet your needs, or create new actions. PS actions are stored in sets to help you organize them. You can record, edit, customize, and batch-process actions, and you can manage groups of actions by working with action sets.

I will explain you how to make a photoshop action in3  easy to follow steps.

Step 1. Open a photo file and find the Actions Tab in the upper right.As you see,there are default Photosho actions in Default Actions Set.You can either insert your custom action into the Default Action Set or you can create your own set to put in it.

Step 2. Click on the Create New Action icon.You can name your action and set a function key.It’s up to you.Click on the Record Button.From now on every action you make will be recorded to use for different photos.

Step 3. After you finished working with your photo,click on the Stop button and now your new and custom Photoshop Action is ready.

Enjoy this nice and useful collection of free photoshop action sets .

Vintage action set 4

Unspoken action

Crime Action

Action 008

Photoshop Action Variety

Magical effect 4.2

Photoshop Actions – 4

Red Action

Action Contagious


Antique Action


Magical effect 4.0

Toasted Photoshop Actions

Ghost Stories Photoshop Action

JJ’s Durazno-Melon Actions


Landscape Action

Photoshop Action: Foliage

Photoshop actions – 11

Polaroid Generator 2

Fearless Action

Photoshop Color Actions 2

Black white sepia PS action

Bright Eyes

Retro Action

Blue action

300 Action

sa-cool Action 2.02 Retro

Cool photo effect action

Thinking of you action

Action Set 1

Fun FX: Film Urban Blue

Fun FX: Digital Corruption

Crystal Ball Action

Lomography Action

OUT OF BOUNDS Photoshop actions

Create round photo stickers or add sticky tapes!

10 dark vintage

HDR Tools






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