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Five beautiful and free web2.0 fonts

Web design without typography is like an orange without its peel. Take a look at these  high-quality free fonts and I`m sure you will want them all.


Collaboratively designed by Simon Carrasco, John Stuart and  Kevin Yeun Kit Lo, Paranoid is a purely geometric display face developed as a contribution to, and subtle critique of, the still growing trend of bold, geometric and counterless typography. It can be used equally well to bring back the joy of cocaine clouded 80s dance parties or to express the ominous foreboding of inevitable nuclear disaster, a flexible face in spite of its limited form.


The design language is reminiscent of the classic B42 design by Marcel Breuer (Bauhaus), and therefore has a very geometric in nature; the form of glyphs is similar to the design classic B42 by Marcel Breuer (Bauhaus).


This is a regular font made by James Daniel Milligan.

VAL Stencil

This font was made by Fontfabric and it has two variations: lowercase letters bend to the left and uppercase letters bend to the right.


Piron is a highly legible typeface, very well suited to any display or text usage: Web, print (especially magazines), brochures, logos, posters, flyers, motion graphics. Designed by Alexander Nedelev and Veronika Slavova. Available for free and commercial use, and available in OpenType format.


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