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FFONTS – A free font downloader worth using and sharing

When it comes to finding one particular font in a sea of fonts, life can be pretty harsh. Unless
you have a graphic designer friend with an impressive memory, you’ll probably have to find a
way to identify it by yourself.

Let’s say you have been searching online for the perfect font. Maybe you need it for one
particular project you’ve been working on, whether it’s school or work.

You finally come across on one of the font detecting websites . Now that you found the font
you’ve been looking for, you’ll probably going to want to download it, for free, of course.

Our best choice for downloading free fonts is FFONTS.

FFONTS is a pretty awesome website where you can find over 96 000 fonts, grouped in
different categories, waiting to be downloaded. FFONTS will offer you a large spectrum of
free fonts to choose from. And is quite easy to use.

Some of our favourite font categories from FFONTS are: 3D fonts, Calligraphic Fonts ,
Retro Fonts, Modern Fonts, Sans Serif Fonts, Web 2.0 Fonts.
Because we love examples and we give a lot of them, we chose for you some playful fonts we
came across with while testing this amazing fonts aggregator.

Example 1 – Cartoon Fonts

Who doesn’t love to watch cartoons? Besides the fact they are so entertaining and relaxing,
they can be a good inspiration for innovative graphic design .

On FFONTS, you can choose from 1609 fun cartoon fonts , that might help you come up
with an awesome print for a t-shirt, a perfect gift for one of your friends. Our favourite
cartoon fonts picks are the following:

Example 2 – Holiday

Well, Christmas has just left the scene so graphic designers can take a break from all those
never- ending Christmas cards projects. But right around the corner is the most romantic
Holiday of the year: Valentine’s Day.
This being said, let’s take a moment to appreciate the 173 Valentine’s Day available fonts
which can be downloaded from FFONTS. We really think VDay cards would look very cute
with one of these fonts:

Example 3 – Famous Fonts

Did you ever wanted to use famous fonts such as the Barbie font or the Coca Cola font ? Or
at least to try and write something using that font, just for pure fun? This can easily happen
due to the 74 famous fonts you can download from FFONTS. We were excited to find here
notorious fonts such as the KFC font , the Disney font and even the Powerpuff Girls font .

To conclude, FFONTS is the ideal font aggregator for both professionals and
non-professionals, the place where you can easily find and download a font you are planning
to use for commercial or non-commercial purposes.
Next time you are planning to download a font, check FFONTS out!

Go check: .


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