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Extremely Useful Photoshop Custom Shapes For Any Designer

Without a doubt, Photoshop is the most popular tool among designers because it can help you create anything. Thanks to its modularity, you use optimize your work by using already made objects such as brushes, filters or shapes. This way you will not only save a lot of time but you will can also benefit from using something better than you can create, therefore this presets are great especially for beginners.

These Photoshop custom shapes can be used in virtually any type of project such as websites or digital works because they are extremely easy to implement and adapt to your needs. All of these packs have a very high quality but what is most important is that they are very easy to use. That being said, if you are a designer then you need a very large and well organized toolbox, therefore these Photoshop shapes are indispensable.

Simple Buildings – PS shapes

19. photoshop shapes

Photoshop Shapes: Heraldry

18. photoshop shapes

Book Plate Custom Shapes

17. photoshop shapes

Summer Time Shapes

16. photoshop shapes

Animal shapes

15. photoshop shapes

Central America Custom Shapes

20. photoshop shapes

Dead Trees

14. photoshop shapes

Viking Rune Shapes

13. photoshop shapes

Isometric Shapes II

12. photoshop shapes

Auto Gauges

11. photoshop shapes

Photoshop Shapes: Graffiti

10. photoshop shapes

WW2 Planes

9. photoshop shapes

Car logos

8. photoshop shapes

Assorted Logos

7. photoshop shapes

Custom Shapes: Birds

6. photoshop shapes

Straights and Swirls

5. photoshop shapes

Floral Banner Shape

4. photoshop shapes

Custom Shape Pack

3. photoshop shapes

Photoshop Shapes: World Map

2. photoshop shapes

A mix of lots of Photoshop shapes

1. photoshop shapes


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