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Excellent Design Of Eurovision Song Birds

Metro Sweden (newspaper) is the official sponsor of the Swedish selection for The Eurovision Song Contest 2012. To communicate this, Morris Pinewood Stockholm created a design platform and a communication concept based on the insight of song birds and the link between birdcall and music. Simply called Eurovision Song Birds. A thought seeded from a comic strip printed on the inner sleeve of the LP “Birds” by the dutch group Trace (1975).

Pairing different breeds, styles and species of birds with the characteristics of the artists brought us a wide array of visuals to be used as substratum for the whole campaign. A juxtaposition of bird aesthetics and the classic clichés of schlager music; the classic boy band, the country/schlager singer, the stiff electro pop male, the flirty euro disco, the spectacular etno band and last but not least the chorus driven anthems. The final execution shows 6 different visuals/species; Pop Bird, Etno Bird, Show Bird, Country Bird, Flirt Bird and Synth Bird as well as 6 animations to be used as TVC’s for the campaign.














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