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Drakemall Will Allow You to Buy an iPad Without Any Extra Investment

Few years ago the announcement of the iPad has become a significant event that allowed customers to look at the iPhone in the other way, as well as evaluate the capabilities of the new device. iPad is more functional and productive than a smartphone, and also has a much larger screen. The release of a new product from Apple is a significant event for the digital market, which always causes a wide resonance among technicians and ordinary people.

Few words about iPad

iPad is a high-end product that consumers will appreciate because of a combination of features, a large screen and a user-friendly OS offering more features than versions for a smartphone. Most applications work much better on the iPad than on a smartphone. iPhone and iPod have worse performance than tablet has. First of all, it’s all about the screen size and hardware capabilities, thanks to which the programs made for iPod are more functional than ones made for iPhone.

In comparison to competitors, the iPad looks like a powerful and modern device, which can cope with most of the tasks for which the tablet is designed. The iPad, like the iPhone, is a portable device, but much more powerful and, if necessary, can be turned into a laptop.

The screen diagonal 9.7″ is perfect for browsing, working and watching movies while travelling. iPad is a full-fledged computer, which is quite capable of partially replacing the home PC during travel or business trips. Multimedia features and a removable keyboard make it possible to turn the iPad into a full-fledged laptop with which you can perform several work tasks.

The most powerful iPads have received a prefix Pro and screens of a larger size: their diagonal is 10.5 and 12.9 inches respectively. For all the time, the design has undergone a very little change: it turned out to be successful and it was not meaningful to make too obvious corrections.

But the performance of devices remains high. The A10 processor and 2 GB of RAM are responsible for that. as it turns out, it is quite enough even for resource-intensive tasks. The display resolution of the classic iPad remains unchanged. It is 2048×1536 pixels and has not changed for several iterations in a row.

The sound of the classic iPad remained the same: two speakers located near the charging connector. The Pro version has four speakers.

Battery capacity iPad exceeds 8 Ah, which is quite enough for comfortable work. Let’s say that in active browsing mode the tablet will last about 10 hours, which is a good indicator. The only negative is a long charge.

Communication modules are quite common for modern tablets and do not cause questions: all for active communication is, there are models with LTE and without it. Additional tablet decoration is a convenient iOS 11, which will add several useful functions.

About Drakemall

Like any other material dreams, the iPad remains attractive to many gadget lovers. This is a high-end device that has several usage scenarios. Like any other high-end device, the iPad is not cheap, but it provides a sufficient level of performance and has a chic display, which even looks great without changes.

Drakemall offers visitors the opportunity to purchase a tablet at a significant discount. It is enough to visit the project, register and open a special case that costs $ 49.99. It is located here:

The structure of the online store resembles that of most competitors. Here the goods are also divided into functional features and categories. Particular attention was paid to digital products and accessories.

The project is not much different from the major well-known online stores, except that the discounts offered by Drakemall are significantly larger than most competitors. The project works as simply as possible and does not cause questions for most users: it is enough to register, replenish the account and open the necessary case. More detailed instructions are on YouTube.

Drakemall will deliver the item to anywhere in the world and take care of it to be intact and secure. To make sure the transparency of the online store, you can watch videos with customers who have won the iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S9.


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