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Discover Mystical India In 37 Superb Photos

India is one of the places where everyone must go once in his life. It is a place with great cultural diversity, traditions and habits that you will not encounter elsewhere. Mystical and spiritual, chaotic and confounding, India overflows with riches. Below you can see 37 beautiful pictures of India.

Chawri Bazaar

Women shop in Old Delhi’s bustling Chawri Bazaar, a commercial center specializing in brass, copper, and paper products. Photograph by Caleb Kenna

Crowded Market, Old Delhi

A porter carries a load of goods through the crowded market area of Old Delhi, a labyrinth of lanes flanked by mostly 17th-century homes. Photograph by Mark Henley/Panos

A Ful-Wallah With Flowers

A ful-wallah delivers flowers on his bicycle in the district of Mehrauli, one of seven ancient cities that are now a part of Delhi. Photograph by Stuart Freedman/Panos

Broad Square Outside Jama Masjid

Muslim faithful walk along the edge of the broad square outside Jama Masjid, the main mosque in Old Delhi, completed in 1656. Photograph by Qilai Shen/Panos

Twisting Syrup

In the busy commercial center of Old Delhi, a worker outside a shop twists a length of syrup that will be used to make sweets. Photograph by Qilai Shen/Panos

Street Barber

A man gets a haircut from a street barber in the predominantly Muslim quarters near Chandni Chowk, one of Old Delhi’s busiest markets. Photograph by Amit Pasricha

A rickshaw driver

A rickshaw driver is resting at the end of the day. This scene was in the same area as the Tagore House, where poet Rabindranath Tagore was born. Photograph by Dilip Mehta

Festival honoring Lord Ganes

Photographers gather on the beach at Puri, a pilgrimage town famous for its 12th-century Jagannath Temple. “As part of the festival honoring Lord Ganesh, the photographers put up a stall where they could congregate and pray. Photograph by Dilip Mehta

Gangtok, capital of Indian state of Sikkim

The name Gangtok, given to this capital of the Indian state of Sikkim, means “hilltop.” This shot, taken outside the main market, shows a sloping topography crowded with buildings. Photograph by Steve Winter

A young Buddhist monk

A young Buddhist monk gets a head shave at Hemis Gompa, one of Ladakh’s biggest monasteries. Photograph by Steve McCurry

Members of the Brokpa

A place apart: Two villagers in Ladakh’s Dha-Hanu region, an area only recently opened to visitors, don ceremonial attire. Members of the Brokpa, a people thought to have Indo-Aryan roots (perhaps descendants of soldiers who fought in India under Alexander the Great), these locals wear flowers to propitiate a local deity who reflects their religion’s mix of Buddhism and animism. Photograph by Steve McCurry


This jolly man with a long mustache was one of thousands of performers from all over Rajasthan who gathered in the old part of Jaipur to celebrate Teej, a festival at the onset of the monsoon season. Photograph by Palani Mohan

Taj Mahal

It was interesting to watch this man using cattle to mow a grassy field near the Taj Mahal,” says the photographer Palani Mohan.

Pottery shop in Jaipur

Such utilitarian merchandise is meant for the local market, while travelers are drawn to Rajasthan’s finer handicrafts, which range from intricate miniature paintings to handmade carpets and dhurries to silver or gold jewelry set with colored stones. Photograph by Palani Mohan

Auroville, a New Age city

Auroville, a New Age city founded in 1968 and located six miles north of Pondicherry, is an ongoing experiment in ecological and spiritual living. Photograph by Michael Melford

Madurai girl

The many visitors to Madurai have spawned a vibrant tourist trade among the locals, including this child in face paint. “The poor girl hangs around the entrance to the temple to get money from tourists who take her picture,” says photographer Michael Melford.

Flower blossoms

Flower blossoms float in a pan of water at Philipkutty’s Farm, a guest resort along the backwaters of Kerala. Photograph by Michael Melford

Indian defense force

Boldly colored ceremonial headgear distinguishes members of the Indian defense force as they prepare for the Independence Day celebration in Mumbai. Photograph by Palani Mohan

The village of Anjuna

A woman collects water from a well in the beach village of Anjuna, in the coastal state of Goa. Photograph by Palani Mohan

Shaved ice stand at Chowpatty Beach

A young girl finds it hard to choose among the rainbow of flavors at a shaved ice stand at Chowpatty Beach. Photograph by Michael Rubenstein

Mumbai taxi driver

In Mumbai, taxis are readily available and reasonably priced. Yellow and black taxis have no air-conditioning, the more expensive blue/silver Cool Cabs do. Photograph by Michael Rubenstein

Mumbai’s Chor Bazaar

In Mumbai’s Chor Bazaar, hundreds of vendors sell everything from chandeliers to tea sets to old clocks to vintage phones. Photograph by Michael Rubenstein

Commuters at a Train Station

Commuters at a train station wait on the platform under the passionate embrace of a Bollywood melodrama. Photograph by Catherine Karnow


Pictures of characters from Bollywood films, painted for an exhibition, line a Mumbai alleyway. Photograph by William Albert Allard

Bollywood Dance Class

Students follow an instructor’s movements in a Bollywood dance class. Thousands of aspiring artists flock to Bollywood. Photograph by William Albert Allard

Vendors at the Flower Markets

endors sell bouquets at the flower markets near the Mahalaxmi train station in Mumbai. Photograph by Palani Mohan/Getty Images

A Cow Near Dhobi Ghats

A cow—sacred to Hindus—is tied to a fence outside a home near Dhobi Ghats, a huge open-air laundry. Photograph by Palani Mohan/Getty Images

Chowpatty Beach

People cool off at popular Chowpatty Beach, with the Nariman Point business district in the distance. Photograph by Sam Hollenshead/Polaris

The Muslim Quarter

Vendors, cars, and pedestrians jam the Muslim quarter of the city center near Mohammed Ali Road. Photograph by Martin Roemers/Panos

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

Traffic swirls past the entrance to Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (Victoria Station), one of India’s busiest train stations. Photograph by Palani Mohan/Getty Images

Hindu Priests

Hindu priests pray together during a puja, a Hindu prayer ceremony, at Babulnath temple. Photograph by Sam Hollenshead/Polaris

Bombay Laughter Club

The Bombay Laughter Club gathers each morning on Marine Drive for a therapeutic belly laugh. Photograph by Catherine Karnow

A couple preparing for wedding

Sejal Samar, left, and Gaurav Jodhawat cruise Udaipur’s Lake Pichola. It was over lunch at the gleaming Lake Palace Hotel, occupying an island in the background, that they confirmed their intention to wed. Photograph by Steve McCurry


A few days before the wedding day is the mehendi, a ritual in which the bride, groom, and other members of the wedding party get their hands and arms painted in rococo patterns with henna paste.Photograph by Steve McCurry

Border Security Force Guard

A Border Security Force guard takes part in the Beating of the Retreat ceremony on Shanti Path, where most foreign embassies are located. Photograph by Amit Pasricha

Statesman Vintage Car Rally

Wearing traditional Rajasthani dress, vintage car buffs attend the famous Statesman Vintage Car Rally at the National Stadium.Photograph by Amit Pasricha


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