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Cross-Browser Test like a Boss with Browserling

As a Web Design Magazine, we can’t stress enough how important it is to cross-browser test your web designs web designs in all the most popular browsers. Today we’ve hundreds of different devices and browsers that people use. Someone is using Safari on old iPad. Someone else is using the new Internet Explorer’s Edge version on Windows 10. Someone else is using an Android and the mobile version of Chrome browser. Each one of these browsers and operating systems is quite different. Some of them adds anti-alias to fonts by default, some other doesn’t. Some of them support shadows, some other doesn’t. Some of them support the latest JavaScript version, some other doesn’t. The list goes on. A website that runs perfectly in one browser might have issues in other browsers that will make your visitors run away and never come back. Every browser and operating system is different and that’s why cross-browser testing is essential.

We want to present to you a service that is trusted by 15,000 users and hundreds of companies. This service is called Browserling and it’s a cross-browser testing solution. It’s mandatory to be cross-browser compliant. There are several cross-browser solution options to choose from but Browserling is the leading service. You can cross-browser test your web designs and JavaScript apps like a boss in all browsers on all platforms* and all JavaScript implementations. (Note * Browserling currently supports all Windows versions, all Android version, and they’re adding iOS, OSX and macOS in the next week.)

These guys have built a simple service that provides a great experience and they keep working day and night, and even on weekends to provide an excellent service. We sent them an email on Sunday evening, and they responded in 3 minutes. We asked them to tell the history of Browserling. Here’s quick intro to Browserling straight from the horses’ mouths. Turns out it was started in 2010 by Peter Krumins from catonmat and James Halliday. These guys moved to Oakland in California, rented a small garage and worked for 1 year straight to get it implemented. They were accepted in Hackers/Founders startup incubator and funded in no time by Silicon Valleys’ top angled investors. Now they just keep growing their business and expanding internationally.

Browserling will help you get a real browser that runs on a real computer. The process is really fast and you don’t need experience. You also don’t need to install anything as everything runs in JavaScript. In less than 5 seconds, you will get a browser for testing your website on all Windows platforms (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, etc), all Internet Explorer browsers (IE9, IE10, Edge, etc), and Androids (Marshmallow, KitKat, Lollipop, etc). MacOS, iOS, OSX and Linux platforms and browsers are coming soon.


Browserling is packed with many useful features. Let’s see some of them:

  • Live interactive sessions

You will get a live browser, as you have on your computer. No installation required. Takes 5 seconds to get a browser.

  • Real browsers running on real computers

They have real computers not emulators or fake browsers. This means what you see in Browserling is what your website users will see. 100% real results.

  • Access to the latest browsers

You will always have the latest browsers as soon as they come out. Browserling team always installs the latest browsers and deploy latest operating systems.

  • No Flash, Java, or plugins required

You don’t need to install anything, Browserling works in HTML5 and JavaScript.

  • Screenshots

You can capture, save, edit and send screenshots of your web pages in various browsers. You can email and share screenshots with everyone quickly with one click.

  • Live API

You can embed browsers in your own application on demand and automate them with the API. You can write code like “browser.moveMouse(100,200)”, and “browser.clickLeft()” to automate interaction with the browsers.

  • Tools for Web Developers

Browserling guys were tired of crappy tools that other web services offered, such as converting between JSON, XML, CSV, and HTML formats. They wrote 150 tools for web developers and programmers. As they say – no ads, no garbage, no nonsense. Just tools. Press button, get result.


Browserling offers a free plan available with quick 3 minute sessions that include screenshots, Internet Explorer, 1024×768 resolution responsive testing. The developer plan unlocks all Internet Explorer versions, mobile browsers, saving browser screenshots, editing browser screenshots and more. As today is Cyber Monday, Browserling prepared a special coupon code (same as for Black Friday) – BFLING2016 that gives a special 33% discount. Don’t miss this insane discount!


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