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Creative Designs Of Paper Bags And Boxes

There is a movement going on the streets against use of plastic bags. While there is no denying that the plastic bags offer convenience, the threat to the planet is real.

Here are a few facts. Once made, plastic bags last for centuries because nature does not know how to break down this synthetic material. The creation of plastic has a process that releases benzene, a known carcinogen, into the environment. There are serious problems associated with the disposal of all plastic. If it is buried there is a release of toxins into the ground water. If you try to burn it, there is a release of deadly carcinogenic gases into the atmosphere.

While there are a few concerned who have taken the initiative to switch to safer, easily recyclable and eco-friendly paper bags, the battle can’t be won without your support. Be a friend of the earth. Say no to plastic bags. Switch to safer alternatives like paper and cloth bags.

As you will see, paper bags can also look very good and have an creative style.


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