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Creating a Website Homepage? Make The Most of It By Avoiding These Simple Mistakes


The old saying that you should never judge a book by its cover does not apply to website design, especially when it comes to your eCommerce website. Your prospective customers and unique visitors are always going to judge your website by your homepage. It is the first and quite possibly the last page that they will ever see within your website, which is why it is imperative to know exactly what you should never do when putting it together.

Keep it Cluttered and Unorganized

Your website design when it comes to the homepage needs to be simple, clear, and organized from top to bottom. Keep in mind that you have several other webpages within your site that you can use for content and product images, so do not feel the need to cram everything that you want your customer to know on this first page. View your homepage as the welcome mat that is strategically placed at the front door of your website. Your customers should feel compelled to knock on the door and be welcomed in to see everything that you have to offer them.

Forget to Add Appropriate Links

The last thing that you want to do is create a homepage that does not have any appropriate links that are relevant to your content. Your homepage needs to be a starting point or stepping stone that your unique visitors and prospective customers can easily cross over to get to where they want to go within your website. Therefore, you need to have links and navigation tabs strategically placed on your homepage to help guide your potential customers to the next stop along their journey.

Forget to Feature Your Best Products Prominently

Even though your homepage should not be cluttered with an excessive amount of product images, it is important for you to select several key images that will captivate the attention of your visitors and convince them to continue exploring your website. Studies have confirmed that articles and webpages that feature compelling images are able to generate an average of 94 percent more views than other webpages and articles that do not have images at all, according to MDG Advertising.

Therefore, you need to feature your most popular products directly above the fold of your homepage. By doing so, these will be the first thing that your customers see as soon as they reach your site. Placing these images above the fold will allow them to see your images without having to scroll to the bottom of your page, making it possible to grab their attention right away.

Forget to Add a Social Media Widget

Your homepage needs to remind your prospective and existing customers that your online presence has also expanded into the world of popular social media platforms, as well. Even though it may seem insignificant, adding a social media widget to your homepage can truly work wonders for your traffic and conversion rates. One study confirmed that the average website that is integrated with a Facebook plugin or widget is able to generate a 300 percent increase in their referral traffic, according to Search Engine Land. Regardless of how you may personally feel about social media platforms, these websites are some of the most powerful marketing tools available for businesses today. Therefore, you need to maintain an updated brand page or profile within each of the popular platforms and prominently display each one on your homepage.

Neglect to Eliminate All Errors in a Timely Fashion

Lastly, you want to make sure that you address and resolve any technical errors in a timely fashion. Seventy-nine percent of consumers that are not satisfied with the performance and efficiency of your homepage and overall website are less likely to return, according to KISS Metrics. It is true that not all technical issues with your website can be prevented, but when they arise, you need to resolve them immediately before those errors cause you to lose customers.


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