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Creating a Perfect Environment for Web Designing and Development

Web Development Over The Years: The Evolution

Web development today isn’t what it used to be some years back. Deploying websites with a young internet age on your stride was very much easy as it used to be just about HTML tags only however, with the advent of modernization and advancement of internet age things have changed a lot. Now you have several web technologies that allow adding various functional features & interactivity in a website. Today, web technology has advanced to the extent that several scripting languages are available for adding functionalities and various databases for saving & manipulating the data being gathered by the website. To name few popular server side scripting languages & databases combinations being used today – PHP with MySQL, .NET with MS SQL Server, JEE with MySQL. XHTML, CSS, JQuery, AJAX are very popular when it comes to client side scripting and web page creation.

With the arrival of internet age and modernization, the necessity for rapid fire solutions also ignited in the form of web designing and development. Today most of us are aware of web designing and development, but rarely do we know about the perfect environment that should be present within an organization or should be created for the process to be a success. This article is about the perfect environment that leads to a successful process of designing & development, also how that perfect environment can be created.


How Can Web Development And Web Designing Be Defined?

Creating a fully functional website is a combination of two phases that are web design and development however, the procedure shoots off with a detailed analysis of client needs and wants. Understanding the client’s requirement plays a vital role because these requirements assist in laying down the right foundation for deploying the website that serves the purpose of having it.


Web Designing Process

– Look and Feel of the website is planned n’ executed
– Slicing the design to XHTML & CSS
– Creation of User Interface

Web Designing covers a wide aspect that includes fields like interface design, web graphic design, SEO (search engine optimization), standardized coding and many more. Web designing usually covers managing the client side aspect that is preparing the front-end of the website by writing mark-ups. Individuals involved in the process of web designing are called as ‘Web Designers’.


Website Development Process

– Writing codes and scripts to add functionality
– Implementing these functionality to the User Interface
– Developing a password protected console for the webmaster to manage & administer the website

Web Development, as a process can be defined as the tasks accomplished to add the functionality & interactivity on any website. This is to just restricted to writing codes & scripts that back the website but also involves creation of databases that store and serve the data/content gathered from the users and presented on the web pages of the website.

To me a perfect web development and designing environment will be both comfortable and efficient, which will lead to the creation of a functional website within defined deadlines. But the idea behind a perfect web development environment is still ignored and above all unexplored. Therefore, I present before you my own ideal web development environment and I hope my thoughts compliment your own in every possible way :).

Production Environment: Development Begins

As the process starts with the stage of web designing where-in the look n’ feel of the website is created by deploying high-end tools such as ‘Photoshop’. After this the same design or PSD (Photoshop document) is sliced into HTML & CSS using editors like Dreamweaver, Notepad++ , Edit +, HTML Pad etc . After preparation of the desired User Interface and design, the same is shared with the client by uploading it on a hosting server or you may deploy a web server hooked with areal IP to direct access of the work done to the client.

Once the design part is done then comes the development and depending upon the web technologies opted the respective development environment is required. Say for example if you are developing the website in .NET you would need .NET Visual Studio and a IIS based web server where you will deploy the scripts to test & show your client the progress. If you are developing the website in PHP you would need an Apache enabled web server where the development will be done and if this server is hooked with a real IP then can be used for showing the functional website to the client.

Monitor Adjustment: One Is Not Enough

Managing several windows at the same time may prove to be a hectic job and above all, keeping your concentration abrupt can be a bit hazardous to your mental health, which is why using several monitors at the same time proved to be a big time relief for me. Not only my output was increased but I felt a bit relaxed compared to the jeopardy I was going through earlier. Since then I have been recommending the same to several other developers around me.

However, lack of adequate spacing and a tight budget can play a spoil sport for your performance as a developer. On the other hand, If you have no issues in dealing with differently sized monitors then its perfect for you!

User Interface (UI)

From the view point of a developer, I would recommend you to keep things as simple as possible. A very common example would that be of a mouse and keyboard that you use in day to day operations. Go for a simple keyboard free from media buttons and a simple mouse, which is nice to your palm especially when you are in for long working hours.

A.I.P (Absolute Internet Peace)

Now, what the hell does he mean by Internet peace? This must be the question right now pondering your mind but trust me, the concept of internet peace is one of the most ignored ones we have today. I prefer to work in absolute internet peace, which means an environment free from twitter messages, chat pop-ups and away from other social media platforms for good. One can easily regain his or her thought process, which indirectly boosts your work output. Not the last thing, but its better you assemble shortcuts of all the commonly used programs on the Quick launch bar. It works pretty good with me.



Like a wise man once said, “Without a clear direction, it is very difficult to get to the desired destination”, the same applies in the field of web development and designing as well. Clear direction, if you prefer a take on this term, the sooner will you realize that it is all about getting a perfect environment where-in great minds can create miraculous perfections.


Maneet Puri