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Codester – Buy & Sell Platform For Any Of You

Codester is one of the fastest growing marketplaces where you can buy & sell ready-to-use web development products like PHP scripts, App templates, Themes, Plugins, Graphics and much more.  Designers, developers but also the average guy will find useful resources here.

Let’s see what we can find at Codester marketplace, in big 5 categories:

  • Scripts & Code – Here we can find various types of PHP scripts, JavaScript, Java, Ruby etc. You can use these scripts for many projects like binary MLM applications, flash games or even different management systems. Only your creativity is the limit.
  • App Templates – This category is dedicated for guys and ladies looking for app templates that will help you build different apps for iOS, Android, etc.
  • Themes – Everybody is looking for themes (WordPress, Joomla, HTML, Joomla, Drupal etc) and here you can find everything you can think of, adjusted for any budget and project.
  • Plugins – Another favorite place to spend time for many of us is the plugins section. Even if you are having a great premium WordPress theme, a great plugin can be a game changer.
  • Graphics – Probably web developers are the most active searchers within this category, but also graphics designers will benefit by getting different things. I was amazed to find gorgeous icons, logos and user interfaces at really small prices.

At Codester you can buy many awesome products, but you can also use the platform to sell your work. There are 2 ways of earning money with Codester. First is to open a store with them.

There are only 5 steps. You start by signing-up, you upload your items and after Codester team is reviewing them, it will get published and you start receiving money (70% comission) via PayPal, once a month. It’s as simple as that and the whole process is fast. Something that is really different at Codester, is that they don’t require exclusivity for your products and they don’t require a minimum number of sales. It means that you can use several platforms, your own website, but also Codester, that will help you with a generous income.

The second option is to become a Codester affiliate. Refer new customers to Codester and you will  receive 20% of their purchases. Codester is different again and we are happy to say that. Their affiliate tracking cookie lasts 90 days. Yes, 90 days! You will receive commission from all customers that sign up within 90 days after clicking on your affiliate links.

You should start browsing Codester, buying and selling your stuff. Keep in mind that you can download 4 free files every week.


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