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Choosing The Best E-Signature Plugin For Your Business

Here’s a crazy stat — nearly 1 billion people bought something online in 2016.  That’s 53% of Internet user spending money online.

As businesses continue to handle more clients and more transactions online, they need tools that will make them more efficient.  One of the biggest areas that can be improved is the contract process.

Digital signatures are more efficient, more secure, and more cost effective than the old way of printing, filing, and scanning.  If your website is hosted on WordPress and you want to level up your business and streamline your contract process, you need an e-sign plugin.  But not all e-sign plugins are created equal.

You need a plugin that you can customize according to your business needs.  And most importantly, you need a plugin that is secure and able to protect your documents, your clients, and your business.  That’s why we recommend ApproveMe’s WP Esign plugin.

WP Esign goes beyond simply making the process of electronic signing fast and easy.  It also makes it secure and legally binding.

Security At The Forefront

With the rise of esigning, the digital signature industry has created a strict set of rules and regulations in order for a document to be considered legally binding.

The Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) and Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) were put in place by the U.S. government to ensure the validity of any document signed online.

Anything processed through ApproveMe’s WP Esign plugin is 100% compliant with the most up-to-date laws and regulation.  Other plugins simply cannot say the same.

ApproveMe encrypts all of its data to prevent tampering.  In fact, if an intruder even tries tampering with a contract in your database, the contract will self-destruct.

All documents signed with the plugin get a unique document ID, a signer party ID, and a digital fingerprint. They don’t take security lightly.

They also have a responsive support team should you have any questions about your contracts.

Time Saving Templates

If you do any sort of business online, chances are that you use the same contract for a lot of clients.  Recreating these PDF contracts and sending them to each person is beyond tedious.

ApproveMe’s plugin lets you create digital templates that you can host on a private URL.  Now you can just point clients to the page, have them sign the contract, and it will automatically get sent to the appropriate parties.

Recuing the amount of time you have to spend on creating contracts will let you focus on creating an awesome customer experience.

Customization and Centralization

ApproveMe appreciate the importance of branding and having a uniform process throughout your website.  That’s why they implemented an easy-to-use workflow process to helps control documents that require e-signatures.

Right out of the box, it integrates with the most popular WordPress plugins like WP Forms, Calder Forms, Contact Form 7, Woo Commerce, Dropbox…the list goes on.  It really only takes a few minutes to get up and running with your existing WordPress setup.

No matter how much you have running through your WP ESign plugin, the dashboard that ApproveMe built for it is simply a cut above the rest.  You can access all of your files, and give your employees the access they need to manage their duties as well.

ApproveMe gives you ultimate control as a business owner.  Monitor your contracts and clients without having to go into 5 different plugins.  It’s all in one place.

A Cost Effective Robust Solution

We as consumer LOVE a good value.  Apparently ApproveMe does too.

They decided to get away from the monthly subscription that so many other plugins use to squeeze money out of customers.  Instead, they give you full access to the plugin and its core features for one flat cost.

There are four different packages to choose from depending on what your business needs.  The price points range from $149 to $500, carefully selected to cater to freelancers, small business owners, digital agencies, non-profit organizations, and creative professionals.

The most popular package is the business license.  It costs just $300 per year, and it lets you have an unlimited (!) number of signers and an unlimited number of documents.  Companies throw around that word around a lot, but when they say unlimited they really mean it.

ApproveMe knows that you probably want to see it in action before buying, so they set up a great interactive demo for anyone that wants to try it out.  All you have to do is give them your email address, and then you can go explore all the different functionalities for as long as you’d like.

Final Recommendations

When it comes to contracts and legally binding documents, trust and security should be first priority.  It’s nice to have a fast, shiny plugin that’s easy to use, but if it’s not securing the best interests of you and your clients…well, it won’t do you much good.

ApproveMe really went above and beyond to make sure that their product is compliant with every rule and regulation.  They also took pretty extraordinary measures to protect against tampering and potential fraud.

See what it’s like to automate this part of your business.  You might be surprised at how much time actually gets spent filling out repetitive forms and chasing down contracts.

If you want a WordPress plugin that will give your business a competitive advantage without having to empty your bank account, look no further than ApproveMe.  You’ll never look at contracts the same way again.

Have you ever used ApproveMe’s WP Esign to sign documents through your WordPress website? How was your experience? We would love to hear your thoughts!


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