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Browserling – Live interactive cross-browser testing

Janine Warner, a globally-recognized digital design consultant, said “Nearly every business needs to adapt to reach consumers effectively on any screen.” That is the common opinion of every web designer, web consultant and web project manager. More and more people have access to Internet on different devices and that means that there are now hundreds of different Browser/Screen Type/Operating System combinations. When you design a website you always have to make sure that your site is compatible with the most popular Browser/Screen Resolution/OS to reach all possible customers. More than anything, you must be sure that your website looks great in all browsers, even the older ones.

And that is where Browserling comes in. It’s a professional online cross-browser testing service, which helps you to make sure your websites look great in all the browsers. Browserling is an interactive tool and you get much more than screenshots (other web services offer only screenshots). When using Browserling you actually get to use a real browser on a real computer. Browserling streams browsers to your browser. Another way to say this is they offer an online browser. They update their browsers regularly, so you’ll have always the latest versions available, such as Chrome 55, Firefox 50, and Internet Explorer 11. They also run legacy browsers, such as Internet Explorer 6 and 7. You also get access to pretty much every other version in-between. They offer every Windows operating system from XP to Windows 8.1 and every Android from KitKat to Marshmallow and Android N. They promise iOS and Mac OSX are coming soon, and hopefully Linux will be added as well.

Their classic features include browser screenshots that let you capture and save screenshots to your account. Combined with bug hunter you can pinpoint bugs in screenshots and send or share them with your team in a few clicks. Resolution changing lets you resize your browsers to any screen size and do responsive testing. Soon these features will be complemented with screen sharing, which will make it easy for your team to collaborate on solving web design issues. Browserling’s sessions are secure and private as all the traffic between Browserling and you is SSL encrypted. Browserling also supports local web testing through SSH tunnels. And for experienced programmers, you can embed Browserling in your own applications with their Live API.

Let’s now talk about the new features. Simplicity is very important at Browserling. They make every feature as simple as possible and as easy to use for you as possible. Just recently they developed browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera that let you start cross-browser testing right from your browser bar. This way you don’t need to their home page every time. Bookmarklets have also been recently added. They let you bookmark your favorite and most commonly used browsers. No need to select browsers from dropdown every time. You just bookmark it and click it to start testing. As quick as it can be!

And they have more! They just launched quick, simple and free programming tools. Have you ever needed to pretty print JSON, or minimize HTML, or URL decode strings, or minify CSS? With Browserling’s developer tools you can do all these things. No more garbage tools with useless options and ads. As they say – No ads, no garbage, no nonsense. Just tools. Press button, get result.

And finally, Browserling guys just love to have fun. They’re huge nerds and they recently launched a weekly web-comic about programmers. (Their comic has a hilarious URL, too: Check out this front end vs back end cartoon from their comic. LOL!

I’m impressed with what Browserling has done. While I am not saying every issue you hit as a web developer will be solved by Browserling, I am saying a whole bunch of them will go away, saving you hours and hours of hard work. More than ever, when the web is one of the largest revenue generating sources in the whole world, this service comes very handy in helping you make your website perfect. You should give it a try!