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Brilliant Idea : The Trash Calendar

Every calendar day is a new trash bag. Every month is a roll of 31, 30 or 28 trash bags. The Calendar consists of 12 rolls and is divided into 4 quarterly sets with 3 months-rolls. The date is printed on every bag so that you can see it when the bag is placed into the trash bin.

Yurko Gutsulyak created this calendar like self-promotion of their studio. Main message is that design is worth-while. Design should surround everyone every time and everywhere. And if design is based on a good idea, it really works and has power to influence people and their activity. Design defines modernity.

The idea of this crazy design calendar is most of the calendars immediately get into trash bin. For this type of calendar it is the aimed result. It works even in trash and all the time makes people wonder why and how each day has been spent. I really like this idea !









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