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Boost Your Awareness Using Business Cards – 30 Gorgeous Examples

A business card is extremely important for anyone interested on his own image. Even if it is outdated due to the technology progress, it became more like a habit to use them when exchanging contact information; it acts as an accessory which shows your care for your business. Back in the old days, the business card was the only way you could easily give someone your address or phone number and it was also a symbol of wellness.

Nowadays its purpose is mostly to let the viewer receive a quick information which can be used to build an idea of the owner’s line of work.

Today, business cards are not only showing a name, an address and a phone number; they are starting to be increasingly creative and interesting, shifting the informational purpose to amusement. Even if technology is the most important factor which made the business cards almost obsolete, it also helps us create them a lot more easier. We can literally make a business card online in just a few minutes. For example, not only gives you a wide variety of sizes, paper types or quantity, but they will make them and ship them in less than a day.

1. business card

Another great thing is that they can help you decide upon the format of your order. More exactly they are offering templates suited for a lot things such as business cards, catalogs, postcards or menus.


Thanks to their extremely fast service, if you order overnight prints, you’ll receive it in less than 24hrs.  So, if you are looking to create a business card then you should check out because they are very reliable. Also, if you don’t have any idea of what design to use, then check out these gorgeous examples.

Bag Avenue

1. business card

Reuven Capital

2. business card

Michael Barley

3. business card

Pilar Celda

4. business card


5. business card

Alexandra Huckabay

6. business card


7. business card

Rochelle Pastry

8. business card

Hoccus Poccus

9. business card

Alex Timokhovsky

10. business card

Ryan Len

11. business card

Foxtrot Media

12. business card

Gabe Ferreira

13. business card

Alizee Hilt

14. business card

Open House Perth

15. business card

Elena Mirosedina

16. business card


17. business card

Creative Tagg

18. business card

Kristin Loya

19. business card

Wrocław American Film Festival

20. business card


21. business card

Verena Michelitsch

22. business card

Discovery Gateway

23. business card


24. business card

Bk Design

25. business card

Dane Holmquist

26. business card

Rachel Bird

27. business card

Valentina Antoniucci

28. business card

Derrick Baker

29. business card

Javier Garcia

30. business card


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