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Bloomberg Displays and Keyboards – Industrial Designs

The Bloomberg Flexible Display design was done in collaboration with Bloomberg and is the intellectual property of Bloomberg. Highly flexible dual-head display for Bloomberg users to view the BLOOMBERG® PROFESSIONAL service.

Two ultra thin displays are mounted on an elegant arm that can be easily rotated from horizontal to vertical position, with software automatically adjusting screen orientation. Display heads can be separately rotated for horizontal or vertical orientation, allowing for multiple display configurations. The product has visual and physical lightness, with a sleek polished stainless steel neck to facilitate smooth adjustment of display height and angle. The expression of the product reflects Bloomberg’s dynamic services and culture.

Author : Antenna Design New York Inc.

Antenna was founded in 1997 by Masamichi Udagawa and Sigi Moeslinger. Antenna’s design projects range from public and commercial to experimental and artistic, typically spanning object, interface and environment. Among Antenna’s best known projects are the design of New York City subway cars and ticket vending machines, Bloomberg displays and interactive environments, such as Power Flower, an installation in the windows of Bloomingdale’s activated by passersby.

Bloomberg Dual-screen Display and Keyboard


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