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BeTheme – Most Appreciated WordPress Theme

Muffin Group has created one of the biggest WordPress theme’s library, BeTheme, that is well-known for its speed and easiness of use. It is highly attractive, professional and creative and it gives you unlimited possibilities, thanks to the advanced options panel and the drag and drop builder tool.


The first thing you notice about BeTheme is the design element positioning and the overall look and feel, that give pleasure to the clients of your website. As they say, whether you have a website for electric, veterinarian, charity agency, health magazine, book writer, art agency, interior design company, event company, developer, car rental, band, gym, designer, marketing agency or others, you will for sure find a template that is matching. Why? Because BeTheme gives you a big variety of layouts to use for your WordPress websites, that you can easily import within seconds at 1 click. Also, you can fully customise them any way you want, using the many existing features, one of them being the awesome layout generator, that lets you choose between different logos, headers, layouts, grids or skins, in order to create an unique website.

Next, there are many other great features, that will make you feel like a pro with little or no web design experience needed. In order to create the highly attractive pages, you have the help of a powerful admin panel, that makes sure everything is kept under control, through guiding your design experience from the beginning to the end. Moreover, to add a touch of professionalism to your website, you have a list of over 200 shortcodes (including Muffin Builder items and text shortcodes, like content elements, content blocks, loops, typography, etc.), that you can insert anywhere in the page, helping you customise your site. Also, you can choose your own backgrounds, upload any fonts you want to use, choose between 7 different header versions and use columns from 1 to 6 and do different combinations.

BeTheme frontpage

Besides this customisation details, you can also create awesome pages with the smooth parallax effect that everyone enjoys right now! You can upload videos, put text, images, buttons or other graphical elements and have some great looking sections. If you would like to have a simple website with a nice scroll effect, you can even choose one of the beautiful one page sites. They are as versatile and elegant as the others! However, you can also benefit from more advanced options, like creating your own e-commerce store or using HTML5 / CSS3.

Curious what’s new in the theme? Well, as they are constantly updating, there are some cool new options out there for all of you! You can try the new “Wraps” section, which will let you create more advanced and high-quality content and the items adding has been made so much easier, so that you can now spend less time on finding the items you need, by navigating through them using a search tool or tabs. In addition, it is now even faster and lighter, as it has improved its performance and it has reduced transfered and saved data. And, not to forget, you will get a very clean look, thanks to the new, clear layout, graphics and light colors!

BeTheme - Core Features

So why is BeTheme so popular amongst website builders? First, it has an outstanding support for customers, being there for you and answering any question you have. Second, it is browsers compatible, so that BeTheme works perfectly with all available browsers, whether they are Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox or even Opera. Last but not least, as we live in days when time is so precious, the theme is fully optimized, paying attention to details, well written code and optimized images, that help in creating such a fast theme.

BeTheme - Ecommerce

In conclusion, BeTheme is the product you need in order to make your WordPress website more beautiful and enchanting. It is definitely on top of our list, because of its elegance, well-structured options and wonderful design. Also, they have so many great options, reason why we can affirm that BeTheme is a multipurpose theme in true sense. Guiding you through all the stages of creating a website, giving you a big range of possibilities and helping you if in trouble, we highly recommend it to anyone wanting to have a wonderful website for their project or business, with no coding experience at all.



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