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Beautiful Illustrations By Loic Zimmermann

Loic Zimmermann started to draw pretty early, most likely as an alternative to nothingness. Later on he’ll be attracted by the lights of the city and will enter some arsty schools and leave with a master’s degree ; then come back as a teacher for a couple of years.

Staying away as much as he can from the splendeurs of Paris he ll struggle to survive, doing 3D production work in fields such as architecture, design, urbanism, TV, fashion… .

His personal work will be seen in France, Germany, England, Canada and the US. A growing online recognition, a bunch of covers and some awards in the CG field will progressively lead him to work for Quantic Dream on Heavy Rain as a senior character artist.

In 2008 he will move to Los Angeles in order to work for Luma Pictures as a concept artist and character supervisor on Thor, Xmen FC, True Grit, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Underworld…

If you want to work with Loic, he can be find here :


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