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Beautiful Designs Of Neon Typography

What is the Neon ?

Neon is an inert gas that when placed inside a glass tube will drift without forming stable molecules. Basic chemistry would tell you that it wouldn’t automatically make sense for them to glow, but there is a limit to their “inertness” when enough energy is applied. With a high enough voltage, the atoms in neon molecules are stimulated to the point where electrons are released and spread throughout the tube along with ions to light up the entire space.

How does it works  ?

The invention of the Geissler tube in 1855 (named after German physicist Heinrich Giessler) laid the foundation for the invention of neon lights. One experiment with the Geissler tube had scientists placing it in low pressure then applying electric voltages on it, making the gas inside the tube glow.

The rare gaseous element neon that produces the light in a neon sign was first discovered in 1898 by the Scottish chemist William Ramsay alongside Morris W. Travers in London. The name “neon” was derived from the Greek word “neos” which means “the new gas”. The Earth’s atmosphere contains very small traces of neon, requiring air liquefaction to produce it and fractional distillation to separate it from other gases.

And success appeared !

Neon signs enjoyed immense popularity in the US, lighting up all sorts of establishments in towns and cities across the country from the 20’s all the way to the 60’s. Although their use has faded since then, they still manage to serve their purpose of attracting customers with their dazzling designs.

They’ve also become quite the cultural art form, with many creative minds exploring the neon signs’ aesthetic opportunities. Check out the amazing typography designs below, and take in their promises of simple comforts, remember the good old days, and marvel at their brilliance.














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