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Bad Design Decisions Which Can Hurt Your Seo Ranking

The design is the soul of any online business or website and it not only makes your sales pages interactive, user-friendly and communicative but also boosts your search engine ranking increasing the credibility of your website. There might be thousand of other web pages related to your business that are striving to approach within first 10 spots of Google and other search engines.

Although a search engine expert can implement several state- of-art methods to enhance your website’s visibility in the searchable terms yet without a SEO-friendly design, the goals of ruling over the SERPs cannot be achieved even if you spend thousand of dollars. Internet marketing and SEO can’t be a miracle cure if your web design lacks usability, keywords, HTML, URL structure, and contextual navigation.

All search engines have a specific strategy to demonstrate the usability of a website; they track on HTML source page to understand what the website is all about and what sorts of information it is providing to the users. A complex web design prevents SE spiders to read a content page accurately, this happens when the page contains Ajax flash elements and Java Splash pages.

Here are some common web design mistakes that web designers usually make while building a website with advanced visual or audio elements to create powerful visual impact on the users/visitors:

1- Flash Elements

Incorporating flash animation elements in the design inhibits search engines to index the webpage properly because of its unreadable information with respect to keywords, Meta description, and context navigation. In a flash page, context links are embedded in the design that hinders search engines spiders to read or detect the information naturally on their first visit. As the results, the web page is either left uncrawled or it’s totally ignored by the web spiders. The critical mistake is to embed all links in one flash to confuse the search engines and their spiders. A poor design can be defined as a layout lacking original content, proper URL structure, and heavy flash elements. Who likes to wait for 50 seconds or more for a webpage to load? Your website gets heavy and takes time in loading pages when it is integrated with a lot of animation flashes.

2- Navigation Architecture:

A complete design is one that contains all navigation including primary keywords in an arranged manner. The designer should have knowledge on how to merge keywords, headings, and titles on the main pages of Google within visual elements or navigation. For instance, categories can be put together to display the main theme of the website or the title should be in proper HTML form to express the subject of the website. Your website should guide your visitors where your home page, about us page, contact us, and latest posts are located.

3- Splash Pages

Splash pages are just like flash designs that contain a video or audio presentation with a link to the main website. For business presentation, splash pages are considered a solid profit yielding sales-pitch having ability to attract customers and visitors to the major offers. The links are usually embedded in the splash code so to enter the main website the users are obliged to links given below or within the splash page. This makes the web page very concentrated for the search engine to detect which keywords are focused or what’s the main objective of the particular page. Search engine spiders are forced to extract and record only relevant data from the websites so for not being able to read the data or keywords the spiders don’t crawl the website having splash pages or embedded links. As the results, targeted keywords never help the website owner to gain exposure on the internet because the organic traffic is implausible to drive to the pages due to poor and complicated design

4- Unscrupulous and Cluttered Pages

One of the common blunders made by most designers is developing unscrupulous pages with too much information on the same place. The white spaces create a bad impression on the overall design of the website, when all details are cluttered on the same page people find it difficult to seek out specific information.

5- Poor Readability and Font Size

The poor design is impossible to grasp when it comes to reading content posted on the pages and looks too vague to understand. Font size, font color, and font styles are what designers should focus their attention. The page is proposed to attract the readers towards specific products and offers. When the layout isn’t good enough or readable how could one interpret the motive of your online presence? So if you want to avoid such SEO mistakes in web design and in other aspects of your site you can consider SEO reseller program. Yes SEO reseller will take care of each and everything concerning the search engine optimization of your website and you will go ahead with no fear of having such obvious or hidden element in your web structure.


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