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Backblaze – Unlimited Backup & Easy To Use

Almost 50% of us will lose data this year, but you don’t have to. Just back up your data using Backblaze online backup. It’s just $5/month for unlimited, unthrottled and uncomplicated online backup software.


With Backblaze, you’ll know your data is safe — movies, music, photos, tax returns, important work files, or anything else. Backblaze continuously, securely, and reliably backs up all the data on your computer and external hard drives.

Restoring files using Backblaze couldn’t be easier: You can download a single file or all of your data through any web browser, or even using your iPhone. Don’t want to deal with downloads? Backblaze can even FedEx you a flash drive or a USB hard drive. You can even send the restore hard drive back once you’re done with it, and we’ll refund you the purchase price.

You never know when disaster will strike. A spilled glass of wine or a hard drop to the floor can destroy months or years worth of work. But that doesn’t mean you have to lose your data or stop working. Backblaze can help.

For just $5/month, you can securely back up all the data on your computer. It’s easy. Stop putting it off. Start your free trial, and get your backup started now.

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Backblaze makes backing up easy. Protect your Mac or PC from failure or data disaster. Stop putting it off, backup now!


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