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Awesome Techies And Their Toys Photography

The author of these awesome photos is Ian White. He loves collecting people. Whether it’s the famous or the infamous, the prominent or the obscure, Ian seems to have a way of capturing his subject’s essence. His use of color and graphic composition make his images arresting and his subject’s presence immediate.

Mr. White has photographed for or some of the most esteemed clients in publishing. Editorially his images have graced the pages of over sixty magazines worldwide, including Wired, ESPN, Newsweek, People, Time, The New York Times, Hola, and der Spiegel. Some of Ian’s advertising clients include, Bravo, Comedy Central, USA Network, Nike, Axe, Adidas, Ocean Pacific, and Discovery Channel.

Ian is currently based in Venice, California and continues to shoot prolifically inspired by collecting characters and making beautiful images
























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