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Awesome Renaissance Style Calendar

Irina Vinnik is an artist from St. Petersburg, Russia and she is the the one who made this incredible renaissance calendar.

“Four years ago I began to draw pictures of lizards and saurian. I like a few things in these amphibians. I like their plasticity and that they are able to grow a new tail, if they lose it. It also seems to me that they can experience the same feelings as humans. If we could imagine that they can love as well as man or that their world is as complex as ours. I tell this story through my drawings. The calendar includes the drawings that express different stages of relationships. November – meeting, February – Independence, March – marital happiness, January – numbness, August – the illusion …”

The good news is that you can buy this superb calendar. The bad news is that it’s only a limited number of copies. Check out her site, maybe you’re in luck:



















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