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Awesome Illustrations By Pale Horse

Pale Horse is the Graphic Design Studio of Illustrator / Graphic Designer Chris Parks .

Since opening the doors, Pale Horse has had the opportunity to create artwork for companies like Hasbro, Iron Fist, Nike, Dean Guitars, PBR, Vans, Etnies, Globe, Red Bull, Obrien, Mattel, The Cartoon Network and many others. Pale Horse focuses on providing top quality illustration and graphic design services for every project that comes in the door.

In addition to client projects, Pale Horse actively participates in self-initiated, collaboration projects like  ‘Back in Black’ – a live printing t-shirt exhibit, featuring top apparel artists from around the globe, running Golden/Black – a royalty-free stock vector art and fonts website and curating, hosting and participating in various gallery exhibits throughout the year.

Pale Horse is always looking to work on new and exciting design & illustration projects. Please feel free to contact or call the studio at: 727.823.6202 to get started.


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