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Awesome Business Cards Designs

There’s a popular phrase that my mother always likes to distort whenever she gathers up the courage to go shopping with me, ‘People do judge books by their cover’.  Now, while that may be the perfect beginning for an interesting philosophical debate, it’s not the subject of today’s article.

What we will be talking about today is business card design. Let’s face it, everybody wants to have a kick ass card that they can present to future clients, people you want to get in contact with you or even just your regular Joe whom you’re looking to impress. Maybe some of us even went as far as drawing their own business cards a while back, citing fascinating enterprises like Astronaut, Writer, Magician or Actor as our jobs, and parading them around the block. And maybe some of us actually went on to have those awesome jobs and now what we’re in need of are equally awesome business cards to go with them. Or maybe we just ended up having a regular job by day, while indulging in amazing hobbies by night, and a brilliant business card may just make us sound a little bit cooler. Either way, you can’t deny that the more impressive and memorable a business card, the better the impression its owner makes. So let’s take a look at some business card samples that send out all the right messages.

As a designer or developer, you should make sure your card both stands out from the crowd and shows your creative side as well as communicates to your potential clients that you’re a professional looking to get a job well done.

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Sure, being a lawyer doesn’t sound as exciting as other professional endeavors, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t produce an impressive and memorable business card when asked for one.

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What do photographers, designers and tattoo artists have in common? They are all creative individuals who need adequate people skills in order to make a name for themselves in their chosen professions. A good step towards creating a good relationship with your clients is providing them with an elegant business card that proves your chops as a professional.

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Regardless of the profession you choose, there is no good reason not to take pride in what you do and choose your business card with great care. You can go with classical designs, predominantly black or you can choose bright colours that stand out, you may even choose to create a business card for a profession that doesn’t usually require such recommendation, but, hey, that’s completely up to you.

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