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Are You a Digital Nomad? Here’s Your Guide to Keeping Your Luggage Safe While Visiting Sydney

Sydney is the oldest, as well as the biggest and most beautiful city in Australia, and with so much to do and see you should make sure that you’re making your visit as stress-free as possible. One of the best ways to accomplish that is to use one of the many luggage storage options around the city, to make sure your items stay safe and sound while you live it up in the land down under.


Luggage Storage Locations In Sydney

Sydney has everything, from unbeatable food to beautifully diverse communities, and of course robust options for keeping your items safe. Some of the best choices for luggage storage in Sydney are right at the station, airport, as well as throughout the city in areas that may be far more convenient and affordable. 


Storage At Travel Hubs

At both Sydney International and Sydney Domestic Airports, you can find luggage storage services, although they tend to be more expensive than other options. However, if you’re only in the city for a few hours on a layover for example, and won’t have other accommodations available for keeping your baggage, it may be the best option for you.


There is also a luggage storage at the Sydney Central Train Station, so if you happen to be a passenger on any NSW rail services you can generally check luggage in for free in the morning. There is a catch, however, because if you aren’t going on a train that day you cannot get your early check-in for the bags.


City Storage

Smarte Carte offers luggage storage in the Sydney historical district, called The Rocks. The downside to this is that the location tends to be more seasonal, so it only operates during the busy cruising season. In the off-season, they are closed but they will reopen in time for most tourism needs.


Stasher is another service that operates storage locations all around the city, many of which are in operation and accessible 24 hours a day, every day of the week. They have locations at CBD Storage in the World Square Shopping Centre, but just like airport baggage storage, they are similarly expensive. Storage there can run about $11 AUS per day, but for long-term storage, they become much more economical at only $33 AUS per month.


Storage Where & When You Need It

No matter how long you need to store your luggage, or where you need to access it for optimal convenience, there are several app-based storage solutions available such as Bounce and Luggagehero. With these services, you simply download the app and turn on location services, and it will show you the nearest locations no matter where you are or want to be. Once you find a suitable location you can book and pay directly in the app, and if you need more time you can generally add time directly in the app. 


Why Would I Need Luggage Storage?

Two of the most common situations where luggage storage is ideal is when your travel arrangements don’t exactly line up with your accommodation reservations. 


Sometimes you arrive in the city well before your hotel check-in time, and you don’t want to waste a single hour of potential sightseeing time. In situations like this, you simply take a look at local options for storage and pay a few dollars to secure your baggage until it’s time to check into your hotel.


On the other end of your trip, you may find that your hotel or Airbnb has a checkout time of just 10 or 11 am, but your flight doesn’t leave until well into the evening. In circumstances like this, you can check your bags at a luggage storage location close to your departure location, and continue to enjoy the city for several more hours before heading home.


Are Luggage Storage Services Really Secure?

All reputable and well-established baggage storage services will be incredibly safe and secure and can be trusted even with high-value items and luggage. The agents at luggage storage companies based in travel hubs will be verified and approved during the employment process. 


For app-based luggage storage services, they often partner with local shops, stores, and other locations to provide a far more convenient storage option. This means that they not only make sure that the agents that will be handling the baggage are fully vetted for security assurance, but the locations themselves will need to be approved. They will be required to have a dedicated and secure location where all items are stored until customer pickup.


What If Something Happens And My Items Are Lost Or Stolen?

It’s incredibly rare, but occasionally something does go wrong and a bag is lost. This happens at airports, rails stations, bus terminals, and more, so having it happen at a storage facility is not out of the realm of possibilities. However, to safeguard against loss and to ensure that customers have a way of being reimbursed for their losses, the best luggage storage services will have insurance policies in place.


Before you use any luggage storage, whether app-based or in-person, be sure you look into their lost or stolen bag insurance policy and terms. Some are far easier than others to meet your needs, which will be important if you are in the situation of having a lost item. Be sure that the insurance reimbursement terms do not require receipts for the items needing to be replaced, which can be not only inconvenient at the best of times, but nearly impossible in the worst.


Luggage Storage Is The Smart Choice For Keeping Your Bags Safe While Visiting Sydney

It doesn’t matter if you’re only in the city for a day or a week, using a reputable luggage storage option can keep your bags safe when they can’t be kept in your accommodations. They can also let you enjoy a carefree exploration of the city, without the hassle or impracticality of dragging your baggage around with you.


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