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Apple’s Fans Need Antivirus Too = UPS ???

Long time, the Mac OS X have been considered more secure than PCs running on Windows platform. Apple fans were right – but only as long as Mac users were a small part of total Internet users. As the number of holders of such systems has increased, malware authors have been “shifted” and started to “bite” of “apple. ”

Currently there are about three hundred threats specifically designed for systems running Mac OS X. Some of them are just simple adware sites, and always ready to charge the careless users, while others are sophisticated tools Making in order to intercept the e-banking session or – worse – with the aim of allowing an attacker to take complete control of the system.

Here are some of the most dangerous threats, which should know any Mac user:

Trojan.OSX.Jahlav.A & Trojan.OSX.Jahlav.B – fake codec

Trojan.OSX.Jahlav.A’s family was discovered in November 2008 when it began to spread in the form of a fake codec. To fool users to download and install file-threat DMG (disk image – “disk image”), trojan authors have created a page that would have been a video clip allegedly could not be run. If the user install the fake codec malware download other Trojans, increasing the vulnerability of the system.

When installing the DMG file, the computer displays the image above – in disguise Trojan installer MacAccess

Trojan.OSX.RSPlug.A – Pornography can ease you more money than you think, even if a watch on your Mac

This is one of the most dangerous malware families for Mac. Trojan RSPlug also relies on the same bait, a fake codec to persuade users to download and install the infected disk image. Most often, it can be found on Web sites with pornographic content. Once installed, the Trojan changes the DNS settings to redirect traffic from real addresses the ghost fields, specially created by the phishing to steal confidential data, such as online banking details, username and password email accounts -mail.

Users are informed that they do not have the correct version of Quicktime, and they must install a codec (called “Ultracodec”) to view hardcore material.

This type of attack is extremely difficult to detect. The user is redirected to a ghost version of the site that wants to access, even if properly placed each letter in the address of that portal or clicked on a bookmark that until then went to the real destination. One of the very few clues that should arouse suspicion is no SSL certificate. As most users barely noticed it, chances are that the attack can not be detected when it’s too late.

All RSPlug guilty of browser redirection to pornographic sites or portals that aim to download adware and other malware.

Trojan.OSX.HellRTS.A – Remote Access Tool

Trojan.OSX.HellRTS.A is more than a threat, a kit is fully equipped to develop malware that allows an attacker to create their own variety of malware for Mac OS X without too much effort. The package contains a client-server application, where server is the system background service compromised imagevreme client is used by the attacker to send commands to the system. In addition to these two components, the package also contains a configurator – an application configuration “adjust” the main mechanisms of the trojan, such as port or ports to be heard or connection password – SMTP and a grabber – a tool used for routing all the messages it receives system-victim to the attacker.

If successful the system has been compromised, the attacker can always perform a wide range of operations on that computer, from annoying pranks and jokes – such as, for example, setting up courts chat, opening applications or Web pages off or disconnect the current user system – and ending with an action of extreme hardness and severity, and run the code, copy the entire contents of the hard disk or interception of communications (e-mail, instant messaging, etc..). Furthermore, using module Desktop View, the attacker can always monitor the activity on the computer without the user even to suspect.

Trojan.OSX.OpinionSpy.A – screensaver for Mac reported to base

Usually, family OpinionSpy spyware is installed through free software guy screensaver or audio-video converters. The installer of these programs download, install and run with administrator privileges and spyware package.The screensaver download states that it is free as it comes “package” with application PremierOpinion Trojan.OSX.OpinionSpy.A Although claiming to be a marketing tool, it is much more than to record user preferences, i.e. creating more gaps in the system and check documents so they detect the hard disk and on mobile storage devices. OpinionSpy is one of the greatest threats to address both privacy and security to that of the stored data.

Trojan.OSX.Boonana.A – worm of social networks

Trojan.OSX.Boonana.A multiplatform is a threat that can run both Windows and Mac OS X and even Linux.

This  malicious Java download multiple files in the root directory in a hidden directory called. “jnana” in the system and then installs a local IRC server and one web. To intercept traffic to legitimate sites and the portals frustrate ghost involved in phishing schemes, Boonana May change DNS server settings, which makes it difficult also for an attack detection system.

On January 31, BitDefender BitDefender Antivirus for Mac will launch in Romanian, the latest security product for Mac OS X. Other security products available for Mac owners are offered by Kaspersky (Anti-Virus 2011 for Mac) Sophos (Sophos Anti-Virus Free product for Mac Home Edition) or Panda (Panda Antivirus for Mac)

I don`t think that Macs are better than Pc`s. I admit that you have only one thing in plus than PC and that thing is a person named Steve Jobs !


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