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Apple means only good design and strong marketing ?

Companies are measured in money, that’s why people do business, first reason is just to make money, lots of money. When we talk about big profit, yes, Apple is a great company.From the point of view that nowadays the package design and feel  is more important than performance and Apple is applying this method with great success, isn’t so great.

My opinion is that most powerful tool that Apple has, it’s strong marketing.Marketing is stronger than design. When I say strong, I really mean strong. Why I say that ? Because when Iphone 4 was launched and bought like hot bread, people realized that the phone has great signal problems. Everyone who was interested in technology found out about this big problem, I can say. And then, what happened ? Apple held a conference and demonstrated that also other manufacturers, like Samsung for example, also have signal problems with their smartphones. This was ugly ! I don’t care about Samsung problems. Or maybe I must lie to me that’s normal to have such problems ? Or maybe when I have low signal and I can’t hear my girlfriend I must say to her: Samsung has the same problems, baby, it’s normal to pay in Romania 600-700 euro for an Iphone 4 without subscription and with those kinds of problems.  The weird thing is that people doesn’t care about those problems, they say their phone it’s fantastic anyway. It’s like religion, we can’t see God but we are all sure that Exists.

But let’s look at Apple’s desktop systems. Cost a lot of money but in the first phase, especially if don’t know too many things about computers and you look only to design and price part you will think that for sure it’s a technological masterpiece. You’re not totally wrong but do you know that a similar computer configuration can be bought at let’s say half that big price ? The big price difference that you pay to buy the Mac is just design. Is it worth it ? Do you really like that design so much that you are willing to pay extra 50% for same performance ?

Let’s go to and see the reasons why to buy an Mac ?

1.       Better at everyday things

Email, web, Office – and for that I must pay somewhere around 2000 $ ? So you say to me that I’m stupid and for this I can’t spend 200 $ on a office computer ? I really need your product, sure… not !

2.       Do you see what I see ? I will be surprised at what I can do with photos, movies, and music ? You are joking with me ? This is why I need a high performance computer ? Apple, please make an 200 $ office computer and write something like this.I promise that I will buy it and also advertise it !

3.       High Secure and Reliable- I agree that I will not have the headaches that I really don’t have with Windows 7. Apple you realize that Windows 7 is very good ? It also can run any software from this whole world  It’s not Windows XP, don’t forget.  About viruses you are right ! Apple doesn’t have viruses.

Look at what I found:

World’s first OS X virus hits Apple

Link :

4.       A Mac offers innovative hardware ? WHAT ? Why Mac doesn’t have SSD ? Isn’t Solid State Disk innovative ? I have SSD and I only can say that is damn fast and nice to have !

5.       Environmentally friendly – Who cares about it ? Me when I spend 2000 $ on an Mac ?

6.       Total Support-  this it’s true. Great support, nothing to say.

At Apple’s laptops same problems, high price but nice design.  Once, a friend of mine told me that his MacBook is nicer than my laptop that cost 50% because his does not squeak at all if you try to bend. Can this be an argument ? I think he’s crazy and when his birthday will come I will buy him some drugs.

So a good design can sell almost anything, this is my opinion and my conclusion by analyzing a part of Apple products ! Look at this videos to see others opinion than Apple is the best thing it can happen to you !

This is the way I feel when I’m using my PC :

PS: Screw PC and screw MAC – I want ONE Mr Bean !


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