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Amazing Staple Art Creations

Sometimes art can appear from something as boring as a staple. I think most of us played with those metal blocks but none of us took this thing to the extreme like for example the 100k staple city. In this article you will see some very crazy but interesting and also time tacking creations made from staples.

An Incredible City Made From 100,000 Staples

Artist Peter Root created his urban sprawl by carefully placing 100,000 pieces of the tiny office stationery in building-like stacks. Stacks of staples were broken into varying sizes from full stacks about 12cm high down to single staples. These stacks were then stood up and arranged over a period of 40 hours.

Incredible Staple Art by Baptiste Debombourg

Baptiste Debombourg‘s creates incredibly detailed art that can only be fully appreciated up close. The protagonist in the art is Icarus, a character in Greek mythology known commonly for his attempt to escape Crete by flight, which ends in a fall to his death. The genius behind such wonderful modern art is Baptiste Debombourg. He makes use of 35,000 staples to complete the piece which is presented on a wall.  The piece stands at 2.7M by 2.5M. According to the artist the piece took roughly seventy-five hours to complete.

Roger Albani’s Bostitch City

Roger Albani is a photographer from Switzerland.

Rob O’Brien Staple Art Creations

Dublin born artist, graduated from Classical Animation in Ballyfermot, staple art is his main and first choice medium. You can see all his work including the pictures from this article, in his flickr account.




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