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Amazing Project : 100 logos in 100 days

The goal of this project was to train creative thinking every day (and of course promote as a designer ). Robert Butkovic made 100 logos in 100 days. The only rule was that he didn’t spend more than 100 minutes on each logo (that doesn’t include thinking about the logo). The logos were made fast, sometimes rough, sometimes even drawn on paper or palm of his hand.

Logo themes vary. Whatever came to his mind – he made it into logo. Some logos might be more of an illustration rather than standard logo, and some might not be full professional logos with every aspect well thought, but he allowed himself this freedom. Bare in mind that he had only 100 minutes to produce (he hope) an interesting logo. Idea is what counts here more than realization, he think.

Some logos will be specific for his country (Croatia) and in his language.

You will see a lot of Westie logos. He love West Highland terriers and he have one for his friend. Unwritten rule was that Robert made every 10th logo (or so) with a Westie as a theme :)

He started this project on October the 4th (on his nieces 1st birthday) and it was over on 11th of January.






































































































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