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Halloween Week: Amazing Halloween Ads

Here we are at the end of Halloween Week on Top Design Magazine and we’ve saved our best Halloween-related subject for last. We’ve gathered up a collection of the most inspiring and the most creative advertisements put out by various companies in order to celebrate this beloved holiday.

Now, were we to look at matters objectively, Halloween has turned into quite a commercial holiday, true, even if it has yet to achieve the same level as, say, Christmas, it is clearly making some businesses a lot of money every time it comes around. The primary goods purchased on Halloween are decorations, costumes and candy and you can be sure that the companies that commercialize them are giving their damned best in order to attract as many clients as possible.

However, there are other providers who have taken it upon themselves to create special Halloween ads for their products even though they aren’t actively involved in the celebration of Halloween. Nonetheless, some of the ads created are works of pure genius and it is completely far from our minds to suggest that companies should stop making Halloween specials for their products. In fact, we would like to see as many of these ads as possible, because some of them have such a subtle twist that they effortlessly engage both our interest and our imagination.

Without further ado, we present to you our picks of the best Halloween ads around, don’t hesitate to share with us ads you think are equally interesting, we’d love to hear from you.


1.1 1



I think I love this second ad by Guinness best because it actually took me a minute to process in which way exactly it was supposed to be Halloween-y.

3 4.1

This next one isn’t an ad, but a marketing strategy employed by Guinness in Romania and it played straight into both Halloween and Guinness’s most noticeable characteristics, it was also very successful.


Seeing as we’ve started dressing up our pets for Halloween and not just ourselves, why shouldn’t we think of our cars as well. This ad from Mini Cooper is one step ahead of us.


And that’s not their only take on Halloween.

5.1 5.2

Comic book heroes dressed as comic book heroes, for all the nerds in us, Silver Snail Halloween Party.

6 7



Another beer brand with interesting Halloween ads, this time it’s Heineken.

9.1 9

Burger King


Pepsi, because eating brains makes you thirsty.


M&Ms, Halloween Edition.

12.1 12

The San Francisco Zoo’s Boo at the Zoo party.

13.1 13


14.1 14



White Night Condoms


Fisherman’s Friend or when life gives you lemons…


Lucy Anderson, the Anti-Aging treatment preferred by all witches out there.




Volkswagen Beetle…boo.


I think it’s pretty clear by now that my personal favorites were Guinness (and not just because the beer is awesome), but let me know which company you think designed the best Halloween ad. Leave your comment below or post your picture and your argument on Facebook. Happy Halloween everybody!


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