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8 simple steps to increase traffic to your blog

Let’s say that you have a blog where you publish articles just for fun or because you want in the future to make money by selling advertisements places. How can you generate traffic ? Follow these easy steps and your website will be an success !

1. Write your own quality articles – do not copy. I know you think that the articles written by you will not look very well and will not be too interesting and you are right but you must understand that this is the only way to have succes. If you copy, you will not bring something new and also people will notice the way you handle your articles and for sure will stop reading what you copy.

Also another problem when you copy it that you will often get stuck and you will don’t know what to write about. It’s very hard to know or to find out exactly what people want more to see.

2. Buy your own domain name – some people are making blogs but they don’t want to give money for their own domain. So, what they do ? They register to a website that offers free subdomain and use it. This is a great mistake. Statistically speaking those who bought a domain name have better looking blogs and also nice articles  than those who preferred not to spend some money and have a subdomain. I’m sure you’ve noticed this.

3. Think about a redesign of your blog – find out if your visitors are satisfied with the look of your site but also if they navigate with ease .

4. Any website , not just a blog, needs an proofreader – Your text must not have poor spelling and grammar. You want visitors to read with joy and to understand exactly what you want to say.

5. Improve SEO (search engine optimization ) – How you do that ? When you have photos in an article you really need to write alternate text for each photo. This is a powerful tool that not so many are using it. When someone search a photo, he can find your website and also read your article with that photo.Also another good thing is to use most important keywords in your article. This really helps. Don’t forget to watch every week analytics and write down what is happening.

6. Promote by advertising – A really good way to attract more visitors is to spend some money and advertise your website on others website that are closely related to yours. I saw many blogs that used only this way and in one month had 3000 visitors / day. This is a good start ! A good management means a successful website, don’t forget.

7. Organise contests – every month make an interesting contest with nice prizes and many people will visit your website. Maybe it’s hard to believe but many many people are earning great money by winning 1-2 competition / few days .

8. Patience – If you want to have success, you will also need to have patience. People must get used with your blog before they will quit read another one.

These steps are only a small part of an important project on which I work. So, I invite you to often check our website and to be the first to implement my unique ideas.


Alexandru is the co-owner of TopDesignMag. “If it looks easy, it's hard. If it looks hard, it's impossible. If it looks impossible, it's due tomorrow. At 8 A.M.”