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8 Major Design Festivals You Should Hear About

Being a web designer implies staying in front of a computer almost the entire day. The Internet, this modern tool of trade, keeps all web designers connected to the latest devices, design news, inspirational info and other designers. With the Internet, sharing your projects, thoughts and new ideas is only a few clicks away. But it’s even more exciting when you can share your projects and ideas with your peers within a festival specially tailor for this purpose. International design festivals are no longer a new thing. They gather thousands of people who share common interests and enable them to communicate, exchange thoughts on their work and further develop partnerships.

In this article we’ll present 8 web design festivals around the world that will help you spike your creativity, find new inspirations and will make you like your job even more.

1. Paris Design Week


It’s common knowledge that Paris is the international house of design and that also goes for web design. If you decide to attend Paris Design Week, not only will you get the chance to rub shoulders with top notch designers, but you can also explore the worldwide capital of romance.

2. The Future of Web Design


Held in New York City, The Future of Web Design promises awesome conferences for designers, developers and people working in creating websites. If you want to visit the concrete jungle to attend this event, you should get ready for three days of workshops and conferences that were specially designed to boost your inspiration and creativity. You’ll be able to get familiarized with the latest web design advancements, get up to date with everything about web design’s future, find inspiration and do some networking.

3. London Design Festival


The 12th edition of the London Design Festival will encompass over 250 partners and 300 events. This event aims to promote London as the gateway to the global creative community. The emphasis of the festival is on celebrating worldwide designs and empowering cultural value. The London Design Festival is one of the most important annual design events in the world and it’s sponsored by V&A.



If you were looking for a festival that will allow you to attend lectures and workshops, then this one is perfect for you. NEXT is a very important networking conference that takes place in Europe, always in a different city. Berlin will be the host of NEXT for this year. Business developers attend this conference to discuss tech innovations, creative tools, brand management and marketing trends that basically shape the way everyone does business.

5. Cardiff Design Festival


Another English event, the Cardiff Design Festival is held in Wales and it celebrates local designs. The best part of it is that, although held during October, the events go on the entire year so you’re sure to enjoy something no matter when you decide to visit Cardiff.

6. The European Design Festival


Also known as the Ed Festival, this event is held in a different city each year as well. The strong points of this event are the numerous seminars, talks and workshops. All these aim to improve European web design and familiarize web designers with the latest advancements in the business.

7. The Capsule SF Design Festival


This is a marketplace for sustainable design that is held twice a year with around 150 booths where designers can exhibit their work. This San Francisco festival is the ideal event for indie design lovers.

8. ArtFutura


One more festival that takes place in a different city every year, ArtFutura is a major event known worldwide for its exhibition of multimedia designs. ArtFutura enables designers to exhibit their projects, ideas and work that are related to creativity and culture. Within the event the attendees can go to workshops, exhibitions, live performances and conferences.


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