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6 Traditional Evergreen Methods of Promoting your Business

Today, we live in a digital era where more and more business operations are handled through technology-oriented tools. This is especially apparent when it comes to one of the most important aspects of business operations – marketing! Online ads, such as through Google, Facebook, or other social sites have made newspaper and magazine advertising practically obsolete.


Although businesses cannot afford to ignore these digital marketing tools, they can lack the personal touch that some of the traditional promotional methods offer. Today, digital marketing might account for a larger share of your marketing budget, but there are a few evergreen business promotion methods available that rarely fail to deliver a concrete outcome. Don’t overlook these methods, because they can reach customers in a much more tangible and meaningful manner. You known, it’s not always necessary to have a Google Ads agency if your business considers these Evergreen methods.


1. Business Cards


Exchanging business cards used to be one of the first steps of traditional business interaction. Some modern business owners have abandoned this method: however, when you share your well-designed business card with your potential clients, this small step can leaving a lasting impression in their minds.


To take full leverage from your business card, you have to make sure that your company information (name, address, website URL, contact details, etc.) are displayed prominently. Additionally, you should ensure that your business card design is professional and attractive, and that you print them on a premium paper stock. By having beautifully designed business cards, you can easily leave your business blueprints everywhere you go.


2. Signage & Banners


To get the attention of new customers and grow your business, one tried-and-true promotional method is using high quality and durable custom banners and signs. Brick-and-more businesses like restaurants, speciality shops, offices, and other commercial retailers can use a wide range of indoor and outdoor signage to spike up the interest of those passing by.


Other types of industries such as real estate can take great advantage from sturdy indoor and outdoor signs. Creative and innovative signs have always been a powerful way to get your business noticed, whether we’re talking about 10 years ago, today, or 10 years from now.


3. Flyers


A classic way of promote your products and/or services is to pass out flyers and pamphlets at large gatherings. You can hand people your fliers at conventions, trade shows, shopping malls or any area that generates traffic.
There are many benefits to using flyers for business promotion – they are tangible, cost-effective and give people the information they need to learn more about your business operations if they are interested in your services.


4. Direct Mail


This is a popular marketing method in which business owners acquire mailing lists that allow them to target potential customers. After obtaining this list, business owners will send them brochures, catalogs, or posters in order to directly promote their business. This method of promotion is very effective if you intend to share special offers or free merchandise like coupons or gift cards with your prospective clients. The direct mail method can be easily used to get the word out about your business.


5. Events


By attending events related to your industry, you can meet up with industry influencers, meet new clients, and expand your connections. You can even establish yourself as an expert in your field by conducting lectures or seminars on relevant topics that relate to your target audience. You can set up business booths at local events and circulate business cards, samples, and free promotional merchandise. Having your business banner showcased on industry events will help you increase name recognition and exposure in your community.


6. Publish Catalogs

While many business owners and entrepreneurs now prefer digital publishing tools to advertise their brands, those who still use catalog marketing often enjoy great success! A full-color catalog offers a lively and engaging experience that is hard to replicate online. People love lingering over them, which is why they are so useful at connecting people to your ideology and products. Some people might find designing a catalog to be complicated job, but they don’t realize that product images and descriptions are already available with them. They just need the assistance of a good printer and graphic designer to create an impressive catalog!


Ultimately, the impact of these traditional evergreen marketing methods are effective and timeless. In order to maximize their reach, it’s important that organizations use all their available resources wisely and efficiently. This is why the most successful marketing efforts tend to include a few modern tools along with a sizeable portion of traditional advertising methods.



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