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50 Hilarious Printed Ads Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

I think that for an ad to be successful, it must be either very funny or very dramatic, because these are the ways you can grab someone’s attention. If the message is delivered via a common or boring illustration, then the chances of remembering the product are very slim.

Besides the good delivery, a funny ad will also be promoted for free by the consumers, just like this article so the company or person behind the advertisement will gain popularity with a lot less money.

In this post you can see 50 very funny and creative printed ads which will make you smile. Let me know which one you like the most.

iPillow – Sleep with music

Corpore Fitness – Run from yourself

Harley-Davidson – Harley Spirit. You’re born with it


Asertec Insurance Broker – Protect yourself for the most probable disasters of 2012

Australian Surfer Sunblock – Only protects you from the sun

Noah’s Ark

Corre Cutia Bookstore: Catchy Stories

Mrh Document Management: Desktop

Lesieur Frying Oil: Arm Wrestling

Masterdog light: Free your dog

Ftuan – Pay Less, For More

Lenovo – We make the tools. You make them do. Lenovo for those who do.

Duesseldorf City Council – Secret lover or thief undercover? If in doubt: 110

Cadillac –  Sound Proof Cars

Garnier Ultra Lift – Forever Young

Loctite Super Glue

Anthisan – Rapid relief of insect bites and stings

Tide – Wherever you lose whiteness, Tide gets it back


Industrial Strange Clubwear – Mefhanfhefamin festroys your frain. Fut fefore, you will lose all your feeth. *Speaking without teeth is difficult. Think about it as long as you have a brain to do so

Eaton Advantage Series Clutches – For the longest lasting truck on the road

Sinomarin – 100% natural decongestant. Sea water solution

Samsung Galaxy Xcover – Just like you’ve been there. Samsung GALAXY Xcover with GPS

Kawasaki – Power developed for the sea

One Young World – If the leaders don’t lead, we must lead. Young thinkers of the world, unite

Oekopool – Even the biggest critics appreciate big brands

Princesa – Break free from guilt

Schneider Electric – Smile! You’re in camera!

L’Etudiant – Are you sure your career choice is the best fit? Youth’s got future


Braun – Precision trimmer

Kiss FM – We see rock’n roll

Pharma Nostra

Toshiba 3D – The closest you’ll ever get to Brad

Scudo Condoms – No more trips to Paris

Volkswagen Polo – Students deserve something far better as their first car

Aruba – Stop time. One happy island.

Continental SSR Runflat Tires – Whatever the road brings

Rexona Man – Even on your most stressful day!

Nestle Antica Gelateria del Corso – Take a five minute holiday

Lasonic i931X – Big Fat Sound, Harp

Alerj – The more mankind evolves, the closer it gets its extinction. 2011 – year of rainforest protection

Mercedes-Benz – Find the right direction – always. With the navigation system COMAND APS. The best or nothing

McDonald’s – Large Coffee

Audi Q3 – Audi Q3. Big ideas can reinterpret space

Audi NZ – Helping serve up Taste of New Zealand

Ford Focus – Never miss a sign. New Ford Focus with Traffic Sign Recognition

Renault – Renault Vans, 4 millions fans in europe

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