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5 Ways to Create Website Visuals Using Photoleap

Setting your website apart is challenging, considering that you’re likely competing with thousands of players in your niche. A compelling aesthetic is the first thing you need to make a great impression on visitors. Visuals are the fuel of web design, as they grab attention, enhance engagement, build emotional connections, and foster trust for your brand.

One study found that some 50% of marketers use visual elements in over 91% of their content. Website visuals are a part of these statistics because they go a long way in driving buying decisions. It is easier to convince potential buyers to click the buy button when they feel at home and can see products, brand values, and business teams on their websites.

However, creating eye-catching visuals that blend effortlessly into your website’s design is easier said than done. You need to combine creativity, detail, and skills to get the visuals right. 

In this sense, Photoleap by Lightricks can be a game-changer, as it offers a broad range of image generations, editing and enhancement features. From playing with backgrounds to blending layers, adding motion, introducing AI-generated elements and creating collages, you can do a wide array of things with this app.

In this article, we will share a few ideas for using Photoleap to create high-quality and eye-catching visuals for your website. 

Generate Professional Headshots for the About Us Page

Statistics show that the average bounce rate for websites ranges from 41% to 55%. While factors like slow speed and lack of responsiveness may force users to leave, lack of attention to a few pages may also affect the bounce rate. For example, designers often give it all to the homepage and product page.

The About Us page is equally critical, as it ensures trust and credibility for the business. Beyond narrating the brand story, it should introduce your team members to humanize your business. The best way to do it is by adding professional yet impressive headshots to the page.

You can try Photoleap features such as the AI Headshot Generator to create perfect headshots for the About Us page. With the Headshot Generator, you can skip photoshoots for your team members. All they have to do is upload a selfie and choose the industry style, while the AI generator does the rest.


Create Banners to Promote Internal Pages

The attention span of website users is limited, and they quickly leave a page if the first fold is not impressive enough. 

An appealing banner is essential to catch the eye and make visitors curious enough to scroll down the page and check your offerings. Banners are an integral part of the home page, but they shouldn’t be confined only to this page. You can also use them as in-house ads to help drive traffic to various key internal pages.

Try Photoleap’s collage-maker feature to create compelling banners for internal pages. The feature enables you to add text and logos to banner images. You can also use it to add multiple images to the banner. 

Take Product Images to the Next Level

Product images are vital to e-commerce success because they influence buying decisions when shoppers cannot experience products in person. Taking product images to the next level can go a long way in enhancing the visual impact of your site.

Photoleap offers an array of editing tools to help you maximize the appeal of product images. For instance, the AI Photo Enhancer can add to the visual appeal of a bland image. It can unblur images and improve their resolution to transform mediocre designs into exceptional ones. 

Similarly, you can use a background remover to clear the existing background and add a more fitting one, which you can even render from scratch with a text prompt to the built in AI engine. There are also options to remove objects, crop images, combine photos, add borders, and create collages.  

Design Eye-Catching Cover Images for Blog Posts

A blog section can add value to your website in several ways, from optimizing your site for high search rankings to presenting your brand as a niche authority. However, setting up a blog is more than sharing informative posts with your visitors from time to time. You must also pay attention to its visual aesthetics. 

According to Semrush, blog articles featuring more than seven images get 116% more organic traffic than the ones with no images. Consider elevating your blog posts with eye-catching cover images. 

If creating a cover image for each post seems like a lot of work, you can do it quickly with Photoleap’s AI image generator. You can quickly use text to automatically generate relevant images with this feature. 

A line or two about the idea you want to replicate in the image is good enough for the AI-powered image generator. That means you don’t need to have design expertise to create images for your blog posts. 


Create Animated Illustrations for the Homepage

Motion graphic features like GIFs and animated illustrations can significantly enhance web design aesthetics. Missing out on this trend is not a choice for business owners.

Most website visitors want to see the business offerings as soon as they land on the homepage. Think beyond the basics like banners, headings, images, and CTAs. Consider out-of-the-box ideas like animated illustrations to hook your visitors and make them stay long enough to convert. 

Photoleap offers a feature set to put these ideas into action.  You can use AI image filters such as cartoons and animes to make your photos pop. Layering, dispersion effects and quick art can also help you add motion to static images instantly. 



Web design is not just about stitching random images, videos, and content together. It requires creativity and strategic thinking to enhance visual elements and make the website memorable to visitors. 

Photoleap can be your go-to app for website visuals. It offers everything you may need to get on top of the visual game for your website. Try these ideas to create the most alluring web design.


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