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The 5 Best Places For Web Resources

Being a web developer is definitely not an easy job. Demands are high, expectations are going through the roof and clients are waiting for your ‘A’ game despite the fact that they change their minds ever 4 minutes about what they want.

Luckily, there are a lot of great places out there filled with goodies for all web developers and designers who are hard at work to create amazing websites. Since Old Saint Nick is just around the corner, we here at Top Design Magazine are busily hanging up our stockings and willing and able to share as much of the giving mood as humanly possible (trust me, it is in no way related to the fact that some of us would not be surprised to find some coals in place of gifts on a certain magical morning).

Without further ado, here are our top 5 picks of the best places on the Internet to find first-rate resources.

1. Giverz


Self dubbed ‘the sweetest place on the Internet’, Giverz is a service that aims to create the best giveaways for web developers and designers you’ll find anywhere. The way it works is this: the team over at Giverz make it their business to keep in touch with a bunch of suppliers of premium web developer and designer tools and are constantly looking for the next big giveaway they can facilitate. As soon as they secure the campaign they’re working on, they commence bragging about it (my word, not theirs, what they actually do is publish the giveaway on their website and get out word-of-mouth on social media) and set the timer until the giveaway goes live. Now, here’s what you have to do, go to their website, register for their mailing list, and keep your inbox close by as their campaign count-down is nearing its end. As soon as the timer hits 0, an email with a special link is sent to the entire mailing list. The fastest one who clicks on the link, gets the giveaway.

2. WebAppers


WebAppers is a blog dedicated to supplying you with fresh information about the best resources available daily. They offer updates on some of the most sought-after open-source resources for web developers and designers. Go their homepage right not and browse through a gallery of posts that not only let you know about the resource, but they also give you a heads up about the minimum requirements to use it, a direct link to a demo and the license under which the resource operates. If you’re just starting out as a web developer and designer, WebAppers is clearly the best destination for you as it will both enhance your library of resources and get you better acquainted with them.

3. Creative Bloq


Amongst some of the better known turn-to websites for web development and design, Creative Bloq has made a name for itself over the years as a repository of well-balanced creative tips, inspiration sources as well as resources for web, graphic and 3D design. With a diverse and dynamic team, Creative Bloq constantly manages to offer the best advices that will help you make the best out of both your talent and your determination. Check out their stuff and follow them on Twitter and Facebook in order to get all the updates you need in a timely manner.

4. Webmonkey


Web Development and Design, Software and Apps or Platforms and APIs, you name it, Webmonkey has it. All the resource tips and tricks you might need, neatly organized in categories and subcategories are available on Webmonkey. This website will offer you great articles that will point in the direction of some of the best resources for both web development and design available. Just take a look through their repository of information and be ready to find answers to all your questions.

5. WebResourcesDepot


With a tagline of Free Web Resources Everyday, WebResourcesDepot is possibly the best place to turn to when you’re on the lookout for a host of web developer or designer goodies. All you have to do is either browse through their articles and see which one strikes your fancy or search for whatever subject your interested in. You’re sure to find a fair share of useful and exciting resources completely free on WebResourcesDepot.


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