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45 Old School Advertising Illustrations

Advertising in a form or another appeared since the first commercial tradings, and I think that it’s very interesting to see the evolution of it and observe the different ways of promoting a basic product like…let’s say a knife.

Well, since we don’t have to many references of advertising methods from the early times, we must be thankful with much newer commercials. In this article you can see 45 old school advertising illustrations made in the last century.

Aerodynamic Plymouth ’56

Coke and a Sub, 1966

Presenting Life the Way It Really Is, 1969

1940 Buick 4 Door Sedan

“Look for the Perfect Sleeper Hand”

“Dynamite” by Munsingwear, 1973

1970 American Motors Javelin

Nash Automobile Ad 1941

Old magazine Sweden 1926

Ekstroms magazine, 1955

Multi Broadcast magazine advert September 1976

Cadbury’s Chocolates magazine advert September 1976

Plymouth Ad 1939

“True Blues” Billboard, 1964

1958 lambretta

Before Big Mac, 1965

You Live Better Electrically, 1966

Diet 7 Up ad 1970s

Make It a Whopper, 1976

Clarks – 1947

Double Ring of Confidence, 1971

“Marry-a-Millionaire” Look – 1964

Flagg Shoes, 1972

Win a Hammock Full of Cash, 1971

Hormel Chili – 1952

Eleganza Fashions for Men, 1973

Lovin’ It, 1973

Seven-Up Christmas, 1949

Finger Lickin’ Christmas, 1967

‘Revere Stereo Tape Cartridge System’ Christmas, 1963

Sanka Ad, 1972

Cossack Dancer, 1967

Remington – 1947

1989 Lincoln Mark VII LSC

Parker – 1951

Nikkormat Autofocus Slide Projector – 1967

Pretty Hot Rolls, 1966

1976 Pontiac Grand Prix

At Sealtest Ice Cream Fountains Only – 1955

1984 Mercury Capri RS

1965 Mobil Oil

Birds Eye Coupon Thanksgiving, 1965

Banquet Frozen Dinner Thanksgiving, 1964

Dr. West’s – 1944

Quicksand Snow Cone Gum – 1986


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