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45 Impressive Examples Of Daily Life Photography

In photography, there is nothing more beautiful than capturing real moments that are not directed.  These images, also known as kodak moments are the ones that last forever because they show the reality and not something that is made up just to look good.  In this article I have collected 20 superb examples that illustrate the daily life from various places and countries. Click on the pictures to see them on full view.

Caught up an aged person from a rural area of Gujarat, India, relaxing during summer.

Photo made by Bhaskar Dutta

Playmates in Bishnupur, West Bengal, India

Photo made by Ram Anuj Bhattacharjee

Working hard

Photo made by Ram Anuj Bhattacharjee Giorgio Bisetti

In Jojawar, Rajasthan, India, a woman greets guests with her hands raised together as if in prayer. She prepares naan bread on her small fire on the floor of her mud hut. She lives in a small tribal community in the Aravali Ranges, which neighbor Jojawar.

Photo made by Annette Thompson

This photo was shot while the farmer was piling up the paddies, which were kept for sundry.

Photo made by Sowmya Latka

In India, several of fairs and festivals take place all over the year. Pushkar is famous for its camel fair. During the month of “Kartik” it take place.

Photo made by Pinaki Ranjan Majumdar

Old woman collecting wood for heating her home

Photo made by Piotr Urbankiewicz

Pilgrim in her room, O Cebreiro, Saint James Way, Camino de Santiago

Photo made by Delmi Alvarez

A girl from Nkata Bay that sells bread on the Ilala Ferry, Malawi.

Photo made by Duncan Wallace

Two kids playing in a Moroccan village.

Photo made by Ronan Gallagher

Carrying firewood on her head for the dinner meal, a mother walks with her child on the banks of the Yamuna River in Agra, India.

Photo made by Kevin Cortez

A man reads the morning paper on Capitoline Hill in Rome, Italy.

Photo made by Caroline Foley

“While driving through the highlands of Scotland last summer, we happened across this man on the side of the road playing “Scotland the Brave” on his bagpipes. We stopped to listen. It was breathtaking.”

Photo made by Paula Harman

This scene was captured in a desert where some local kids were playing. In a sense, this is their own amusement park.

Photo made by Evan Zhang

Djemaa el Fna square, Marrakech, Morocco 2008

Photo made by Gianni Oliva

A normal day on New York City’s streets

Photo made by David Vargas

Street gambling

Photo made by Ewa Skibinska

New York, New York, Grand Central Station

Photo made by Yvette Wheddon

The subways in Rome

Photo made by Damien Andrews

This photo was taken on a rainy day in Lady’s Market.  Hong Kong, Mong Kok district.

Photo made by Arkaduysz Dudzinski

Rising before the sun, a lone camel trader sits near his fire to keep warm while he waits for the day of trading to begin at the Nagaur Cattle Fair in Nagaur, India.

Photo made by Alison Harbaugh

A fierce sandstorm approaches Lac Abhe, Djibouti, Africa, but does not distract young goat herder girls from their duties. In a land that receives five inches of rain annually, water is precious, as is vegetation for their animals.

Photo made by Leslie Pratt

This lady is a part of a very small Kyrgyz community that live in small yurts just on the shore of the amazing Karakol Lake on the way from China to Pakistan.

Photo made by Oded Wagenstein

A man watches the busy street below while getting some fresh air after a hot Havana day.

Photo made by Dave Rodden-Shortt

At the Dzong in Punakha, Bhutan, a young monk breaks rank during a ceremony.

Photo made by Gaston Lacombe

Nuns, Colombia

Photo made by Russell Schnitzer

Chinese Opera Singers

Photo made by Brian Yen

Kung Fu Master, China

Photo made by Fritz Hoffmann

“We love our fish!” says Ina Bouker, a Yupik native and teacher from Dillingham who opposes the mine. “The salmon always run. But if their habitat is destroyed, they will not come back.”

Photo made by Michael Melford

Chords of friendship bind accordionist Olesya Kamovich and comrades, who meet Sundays in Sevastopol to sing.

Photo made by Gerd Ludwig

High heels and high hopes have become vogue among teenage girls at Timbuktu’s lone high school. A rise in female pupils, aided by scholarships, marks a national effort to cut Mali’s 74 percent illiteracy rate.

Photo made by Brent Stirton

Its steaming streets crammed with vendors, pedestrians, and iconic Ambassador taxis, Kolkata throbs with some 16 million people—and more pour in every day from small towns.

Photo made by Randy Olson

Women, Badakhshan Province, Afghanistan

Photo made by Lynsey Addario

Cattle Rancher, Arizona

Photo made by William Albert Allard

Farmers, France

Photo made by Kiritin Beyer

A man and his granddaughter take a break on the steps of a pagoda-style temple at Durbar (Kings) Square in Bhakthapur, Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

Photo made by Bas Uterwijk

A strainer full of noodles, fresh off an open fire, commands the total concentration of a cook in Bangkok’s Chinatown. The skill of such street chefs, and the aroma of their creations, proves irresistible to many passersby.

Photo made by Dean McCartney

Ballerinas prepare to hit the stage at a theater in Berlin. In the past decade, an emergence of world-class ballerinas and choreographers has led to a rising interest in German ballet.

Photo made by  Maria Helena Buckley

New Jersey’s triple threat: the Koralja triplets—Andrew, Joseph, and Robert, from left—combine 42 years of service on the police force.

Photo made by Michael S. Yamashita

Girls walking by a newsstand

Photo made by Cano Luis

Daredevil, India

Photo made by Chris Shirley

Women work at a West Sumatra gas station. Economic crises have persuaded many Indonesian families not to rely only on men’s earnings. More than half of all women have jobs, a number that grows each year.

Photo made by James Nachtwey

When rally day comes to Good Hope Baptist church in Rosier Creek, Virginia, it’s like a homecoming. Kinfolk and old friends gather from afar for preaching, music, and dinner.

Photo made by James L. Stanfield

Tree Branch Swing

Photo made by Jhulan Mahanta

Newborn Weigh-In, India

Photo made by Lynn Johnson



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