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40 Beautiful Package Designs

We all know that a good package greatly increases product sales. Below are some of the most beautiful, minimalistic and inventive package designs.

1. Quality Cafe

The goal was to create the corporate identity for this “coffee shop”, which sells varieties of high-quality coffee. The company’s initials shape is a coffee cup. The brown centre of letter “Q” can be used as colour codes on the packaging. The logotype is a modern, playful typeface which is to solve the geometric containment of the logo. Different shades of brown colour indicate the type of coffee roasting in the cup. The colours of the rings on the saucers offer three colour variations indicating different areas of this company.

Designed by László Sándor.


Pearfisher redesigned Gallo to restore the brand’s position as the undisputed leader in Portuguese olive oil.

3. Hellman’s Condiments

A project that involved Unilevers regional condiment brands. The task was to come up with a designed that on a small area told the essence of Unilevers products – Brings out more of your food. We interpreted the brief that the products enchances the flavour. So why have a burger when you can have a burger.

Designed by Henrik Hallberg at Design Bridge.

4. Burnout Bandage

Knockknock Workday Recovery Kit. Includes a remedy booklet, a bracelet, affirmation cards, bandages, metal charm and certificate of recovery.

5.  LT Burger

“We were assigned by Catch24Design in New York to develop the identity, branding and collaterals for the new casual-chic burger spot chef Laurent Touroundel has opened in Downtown Sag Harbor, New York. LT Burger offers a traditional and classic prime quality american burger menu both to eat in and take away. For this typography based identity, we used wood-type for the logo and a wide range of typefaces to spread the american flavor throughout the menus. Special thanks to Bill Goodspeed.”

More photos, here.

Designed by Spanish designer Mark Brooks

6. The Pure Water Company

“The PURE Water Company has a special system that utilizes the municipal water supply network providing drinking water of the highest quality. After having existed for twelve years they wanted to revitalize their visual identity and make it uniform with their product.”

Designed by Neue.

7. Arctic Candy

“Sugarfree Arctic Candy are made of berries growing north of the Arctic Circle. Cooled by the arctic wind and warmed by the midnight sun, these berries ripen at a slow pace and grow to be sweeter than other berries. Extreme weather makes extreme berries. These are the extra sweet berries Eivind Glad use to make this candy.”

Designed by Neue

8. &Co

“&Co represents simplicity – of purpose, provenance and production. The winery produces a single exceptional estate wine each season. To emphasise this we’ve pared the identity back to a black and white palette. We’ve made a feature of the type, letting it ‘speak’ to the customer. &Co breaks convention with more traditional looking wine brands, topped off with the uniquely cool closure of a crown seal, we’re not at all upset that once opened we have to drink the whole bottle.”

Designed by New Zealand based Inhouse

9. Pure Land Eggs

“Quail eggs are safe to eat and even considered a delicacy in many countries. We designed an eggs package and logo for czech brand Pure Land.”

Designed by Creasence

10. Student Spotlight: Lattina

“A pack is not just a container. It’s a medium. Even when it contains the most common of products: milk. We rethought how could a normal milk package could be. A pack is not just a container. It could contain, hold, protect something, but firstly the package is a medium. We can deliver messages to our customers. We can make people think about it writing and showing the issues directly on the pack.”

Designers: Alessandro DallafinaFrancesco Faggiano, Dario Migneco, Stefano Greco, Paolo Ottavian

11. The eBay Box

“eBay just launched a new set of reusable boxes as part of a pilot program to make shipping a little greener. Starting in October, the company is giving away 100,000 shipping boxes to eBay sellers, and encouraging reuse. According to eBay, if each box gets used five times, the program could protect nearly 4,000 trees, save 2.4 million gallons of water, and conserve enough electricity to power 49 homes for a year.”

More info on the eBay Boxes at

12. Tuned Pale Ale

“Tuned Pale Ale is a product by Philadelphia based designers Matt Braun and Chris Mufalli that explores the musical affordances in everyday objects and promotes social spontaneity. While drinking beer, people become musically encouraged and often start making start making music with objects around them. This product aims to promote more of this type of social interaction. Tuned Pale Ale helps to inform users about the musical qualities of existing bottles and to make the bottle a better instrument. A clearly marked graphic on the side of the label shows a user what notes can be played at certain levels of liquid by blowing across the top.”

13. Funkin Puree

Blue Marlin has created dynamic new graphic packaging for an innovative brand that makes perfect cocktails every time. Funkin Puree is unique; it is the only 100 per cent natural fresh fruit cocktail ingredient on the market – it needs only ice and the appropriate spirit to make a foolproof cocktail, just squeeze the pouch and raise your glass.”

14.  Primus

New from NTGJ: “PRIMVS is a brand that has decided to up the ante in a number of consumer sectors. It has initially turned its attention to food, a sector that has, for too long, been look upon as merely a necessity of life and requires limited in-depth packaging design. PRIMVS feels that design and form have been neglected in the way food packaging is presented and our PRIMVS FOOD brand aims to attract those who appreciate premium quality food and design. PRIMVS FOOD set out to prove that it is possible to achieve both the above objectives without compromising in either aspects. PRIMVS has merged quality food, with a minimalist stylised packaging that is a visual attractive and appealing.”

15. Bare Crush

BrainCELLS was approached by Bob and Di Carne the owners of a 100% fruit icicle known as Fruitful. The owners were dissatisfied with the Fruitful brand and associated packaging and collateral and needed a fresh approach and in fact a partner. brainCELLS took equity in the new brand which we developed and is now known as Bare Crush. The fruit icicle business is indeed a competitive environement, however the Bare Crush brand has made some inroads and is in fact a well regarded brand.”

16. iPod Nano

Stunning new unified packaging for Apple’s just released all new iPod family.

17. Before & After: Vitamin Well

Designed by Neumeister

18. Yo-Ho-Ho Juice

New juice packaging from Elena Kaimanova: “The theme of pirates has served as inspiration for creation of this packing. The black-and-white drawing can remind The Jolly Roger which identifies a ship’s crew as pirates.  The curved inscriptions on the package are designed to be similar to the confused maps of treasures.”

19. Hwila

“Hwila is a natural mineral water from Vimmerby, Sweden, a brand owned by one of Sweden’s oldest breweries; Åbro. After many years Hwila needed an update — it was time to modernize, for a younger target group, without loosing the positive values connected with the brand. With this redesign we were concerned to find a formula whereby it was possible to constantly being able to update the design, with out ever loosing contact with its heritage. The simplicity, purity — the restfulness — was the main idea were colours and shapes signal different variations of the mineral water – sparkling, non-sparkling, taste etc. A modern, youthful, design. Easy to apply on either cans, glass or PET-bottles. Large or small. Pure and rigorous, Hwila really makes a point in any store. Creating true shelf impact without screaming.”

20. iQ Clean

iQ Clean is a facinating, eco-friendly, non-toxic line of cleaning products from Planet People. You simple fill the bottle with tap water, add the refill cratridge, twist the top on and the non-toxic, plant-based concentrates are released into the water. Keep the bottle and simple add a new cartridge when empty.

Designed by Eric Machtinger – Overflow Design

21. Chocobrain

“Healthy Hot Chocolate on your mind. Experimental identity project for Hot Chocolate Cafe. Without any big focus on the name or typeface, the illustration becomes a dominant part of the identity and are the most reconizable element.”

Designed by Jeksel.

22. Maison Orphée: The Cooking Line

The Maison Orphée cooking line also designed by lg2boutique. Check out multiple shots after the jump.

23. Soso Factory

Via Packaging of the world, “A variety of salts of mass consumption, the containers of which can be distinguished by the initials of each salt flavour. These initials are inspired in the periodic table of elements.”

25. Märsödal Farm

Stockholm based ChevyChase designed this packaging for their client Märsödal. Their initial brief called for “Identity and packaging concept for ecological farm products”.

26. Grow Your Own

Octavia Soebiyanto designed this last year for the D&AD awards, when he was studying at Singapore Raffles Design Institute.

“For this homebase ‘grow your own’ product, it takes chewing gum shape as it is quite small so it can reduces the production cost and material-used. By using more sustainable material such as biodegradable paper and plastic, it can reduces the nature-distraction effected by packaging. The product is small also caused by consideration of the target market which is novice gardener. Someone who is new or still want to try, surely don’t want to spend his money on something that they are still new.”

27. Period

“The aim of the project was to rethink and re-brand the sanitary protection product category (‘Sanpros’), namely sanitary towels and tampons. A necessary purchase for women typically aged 12-55 years old. These products are mainly purchased by women and on occasion by men for women. The packaging should encourage the buyer to be confident of their purchase and not embarrassed. It should also be environmentally friendly and recyclable.”

28. Four Reasons

“The mission was to design a product range sold at hairdresser’s salons and capable of competing with international mega brands both with affordable prices and an image of high quality.”

Designed by Bob Helsinki

29. Cointreau Bartender`s Education Kit

“At the cutting edge of mixology, Cointreau brings a splash of orange to cocktails, which we brought to life with a clean all-white palette accented by pops of orange. To highlight Cointreau’s use of natural orange ingredients, we designed and produced a bartender’s education kit filled with essential orange oils, peels, and a cocktail book.”

30. Newman’s Own

Alvin Diec created this re-imagining of Newman’s Own packaging while a student. He is currently a designer in Atlanta.

31. Ciao Bella

“Ciao Bella’s gelato and sorbet are super-premium products. As part of a category that often confuses consumers while competing with major ice cream players, the packaging needed a facelift.”

32. Cheestrings Spaghetti

JKR expands the Cheesestrings identity they created into a new product. “Cheesesrings Spaghetti consists of cheese the shape and thickness of spaghetti, aims to capture kid’s imaginations by making lunch more fun.”

33. Litl

“The Litl webbook packaging is simple, straightforward and designed to appeal to a wide range of ages, embodying Litl’s mission as technology for everyone. The entire package is made from recyclable paper with no plastics or foams used, and the packaging doubles as its own shipping box.”

34. Mike’s Beer

New Zealand based TGM Design revamped an old classic for a newer audience.

35. Cafe Blond

TIBOR+ designed this beer concept.

36. The Design Business Bottle

A clever gift given by Romania based design firm Ampro Design to all new clients. This bottle has two necks and two integrated cups.

37. Sir Kensington’s Gourmet Scooping Ketchup

“The company was born out of an attempt to fill the dire market need for a gourmet ketchup — one that is healthier, tastier, and higher-end.”

38. Yummy Tummy Koalas

Landor Sydney created a new brand of koala-shaped mud cakes that comes with a range of stickers, called Yummy Tummy Koalas. Check out this cute packaging below.

39. Evolv

Package design for Evolv, a mid-tier tool brand for Sears by Minneapolis-based Design Guys.

40. Clive’s Organic Dips

UK based Believe in have recently completed a packaging project for a new range of organic dips developed by Clive’s Organic.

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