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40 Awesome Printed Advertisements

I always believed that print ads are more difficult than video or audio because you need to know how to express the message using only a piece of paper. You must have enough imagination to express the message, to intrigue potential customers and convince them to use what they see in that ad.

Next you can see 40 commercials that have managed to amaze and amuse us.

1. Shriram Cement

2. Purina: Tail

3. Courrier international newspaper

4. Morgan: Coat

5. KTM: License Plate

6. Samsung: Statue of Liberty

7. Epson: Ants

8. Romanian Road Police, Autoshow Magazine

9. ATM (Azienda Trasporti Milanesi): Green

10. The Green Ant: Minimalism

11. Audi Quattro: Hands

12. St. Mary’s College, Ragging Action Force: Raggers’ collection

13. Sea Shepherd: Fishnet

14. Chevrolet Captiva X-treme: Savanna

15. Centre des Sciences de Montréal, Tahiti 3D movie

16. Panasonic Lumix FT2: Frost-proof

17. Citta America Shopping Mall: Pendulum, Girls

18. Asia De Cuba Restaurant: Kabuki

19. Harley-Davidson: Fear

20. Volkswagen

21. Vahumê Office Furniture: Secretary

22. Taco Bell: Arroyo Hondo with video game arcade

23. Arena Swimwear: Noah’s Ark

24. Geek Squad

25. Carris public transport

26. Profilo XXL Refrigerator: Lost Vegetables

27. Leroy Merlin: What will you get up to in your new kitchen?

28. Alfa Print Solutions: Pinóquio tattoo

29. Tampa Air Cargo: Iceberg

30. Magazine Historia: Egypt

31. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles: Fencing

32. Canal+: iPhone, Football

33. McDonald’s: Veggieburger

34. Energizer: Statue of Liberty

35. Legacy Trolley Luggage: Lungs

36. Ariel: Labels, Yugoslavia

37. Mercedes-Benz: Hidden danger, Child

38. Smart: Sea

39. Volkswagen: Life Jacket

40. Mahoki: Anti-Radiation Protection, Sperm


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