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4 Web Design Tips to Optimize a Website for Videos

In recent years websites have started to incorporate videos a lot more often, mostly due to how effective it has proven to be as a form of content. However it is important to note that videos are distinctly different from other types of content – and ideally your web design should recognize and cater to that fact.

If you want to optimize a website’s design to get the most out of videos, these tips should help to set you on the right track:

  • Give all video content a prominent position

When you’re adding videos to a website as content, odds are they are intended to be the center of attention – and their position should reflect that. Ideally videos should be placed right below the headline, and should definitely be located above the fold. In some cases you may even want to place a video beside the headline or above it – both of which are fine as it will still be prominent.

  • Ensure that there is some white space surrounding the video

Every video should be couched with a bit of white space that will act as padding between it and any other elements or content. Because videos tend to be ‘busy’, not having that padding can make them seem crowded and cause the web design itself to appear cluttered. On top of that the white space will help the video to stand out from other elements as well, increasing its prominence in the process.

  • Try to avoid placing videos directly on ‘busy’ backgrounds

Some websites use backgrounds that can be somewhat ‘busy’, and that can be a problem if videos are placed directly on them as it will distract (and ultimately detract) from the video itself. A simple workaround to help avoid this is to place all video elements on top of flat colored boxes so that they don’t appear directly on the background.

  • Stay away from autoplay

Although quite a number of websites use ‘autoplay’ to automatically start playing videos as soon as they load, from a design standpoint it is best to stay away from doing so. The problem with autoplaying videos is that it often doesn’t appeal to users and on top of that it slows down the page speed as well. In short it is best to go down the click-to-play route.

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