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36 Online Resources to Brush up on Your Programming Skills

Need a programming boost for a project or job interview? Want a refresher in a language you haven’t worked in for years? Simply curious about a new technology that you want to master? Whatever your reasons, it’s time to brush up on your programming skills and take on new coding challenges. 

Today we’ll look at a wide range of online resources to ask tough questions, collaborate on code, get insider tips, learn from tutorials, sign up for hackathons and review material with online courses. Basically, all these sites will help you learn and grow as a developer. Resources, FTW!


Community Sites & Forums


  1. CodeNewbie

CodeNewbie isn’t just for new kids on the coding block. It’s got a huge community following of coders. Here you’ll find Twitter chats, podcasts, a blog and a Slack workplace. 


  1. CodePen

CodePen is a code editor and front-end developer community that encourages developers to build, test, learn and share. This site is incredible for collaborative coding and getting inspired by test cases. 


  1. GitHub

GitHub is an open-source development platform with 36 million developers and counting. The idea is to help you review code, manage projects and share your work with others worldwide. Their forums are especially on point.


  1. Hack.pledge ()

This innovative and community-based effort is focused on mentoring future developers. On the platform, you can either give or receive one hour of coding help. A top outlet for your burning questions.


  1. Reddit Programming Buddies

Another mentoring program that uses the ever-popular Reddit to match programming requests with developers. You’ll find a bunch of potential coding buddies here!


  1. StackOverflow

Stack Overflow is one of the top tools for developers everywhere. Their forums are a developer’s dream, with answers to tough coding questions and lots of potential networking. 


YouTube Channels


  1. Derek Banas

Derek Banas uploads web development and programming tutorials that are funny and bite-sized. His channel is great for quick overviews of topics. 


  1. DevTips

DevTips is a weekly show with insider programming tips and tutorials. The two hosts are silly and interactive, and the info is spot-on.



The official YouTube channel for, this is the place to go for formal and in-depth tutorials on dev topics. 


  1. ProgrammingKnowledge

Another channel with detail-oriented tutorials, especially for programs such as Python, MySQL and other key topics. 


  1. TheNewBoston

TheNewBoston is a one-stop shop for tutorial series. Expect to find videos with many parts, as the host goes through end-to-end steps for each topic. 


  1. Treehouse

Treehouse, a well-known online tech school, has this YouTube channel with gems on different tech topics, as well as networking and career development advice.




  1. Code as Craft

This engineering blog from Etsy has stunning how-tos on how their team resolves certain issues on the Etsy website. Expect great writing and lots of screenshots. 


  1. Coding Horror

Coding Horror is a humorous take on development topics from the founder of Stack Overflow. His insights are useful, up-to-date and as in-depth as you can get.


  1. CSS-Tricks

CSS-Tricks looks at a wide range of front-end development issues and tips. Their articles are specific, interesting and cover a little bit of everything. 


  1. David Walsh

Techie David Walsh has this amazing blog on tech problems and advice ranging from the most technical explanation to the most personal exposeé on imposter syndrome. You’ll get more than you bargained for here.


  1. HackSource

HackSource is packed with programming resources. You’ll find hundreds of resources for top programming languages, front-end frameworks, back-end frameworks and developer tools. One of the most comprehensive developer resource sites out there. 


  1. TechieDelight

TechieDelight is focused on developer content and bringing you the best info to make coding easier. Bonus: you’ll find extra-technical how-tos here!




  1. Coding Blocks

Everything code-related in 2-hour podcast episodes. Useful yet funny, these podcasts tackle programming problems for listeners everywhere. 


  1. Developer Tea

Short, info-packed episodes designed to fit in your tea (or coffee) break. You’ll find technical and professional topics to suit you. 


    1. Full Stack Radio

Full Stack Radio answers developer questions on-air with a guest every episode. Topics include almost everything within the IT spectrum.  


  1. HanselMinutes Podcast

HanselMinutes is the podcast by Microsoft engineer Scott Hanselman about technology, culture, gadgets, code and the web. He typically interviews top tech guests to showcase latest tech news. 


  1. Syntax

The Syntax podcast has “tasty treats” for developers. Great, intriguing and helpful info on a wide array of dev topics. 


  1. The Changelog

Changelog has a dozen tech podcasts, including The Changelog, where tech leaders and innovators are interviewed. This podcast is great for catching new trends and technologies. 


Events & Hackathons


  1. Challenge Rocket

Challenge Rocket is a unique set-up that allows programmers worldwide to solve a challenge and potentially be recruited by companies. Their challenges are great coding practice, and many have cash prizes. 


  1. DevPost

DevPost is the home for hackathons, with ways to practice your skills, get updated on technologies and win prizes. 


  1. Hackathons Near Me

Hackathons Near Me is a comprehensive search for programmer events all over the world. They’ve got all the details, so you can easily register for them. 


  1. Major League Hacking

Major League Hacking is your go-to site for finding hacking resources and hackathons. Considered one of the most comprehensive hackathon sites around.  


  1. TechEvents

Looking for events beyond hackathons? TechEvents compiles the latest tech, software and IT related events from across the globe. 


  1. Women Who Code
    Women Who Code is another exciting resource for empowering women in tech. They provide coding resources, a global community, a job board and of course, networking events. 


Online Courses


  1. edX

edX brings together the best online courses from Harvard, MIT and other universities. Top tech content that’s easily digestible.


  1. Codewars

Codewars is a fun take on online courses. On this platform, you challenge other players to “code wars” in order to sharpen your skills. 


  1. FreeCodeCamp

FreeCodeCamp is an excellent resource for boosting your coding skills in multiple languages. The best part: it’s all free!


  1. SitePoint

SitePoint is another hotspot for online books and courses from the best tech experts worldwide. Their “library” of resources is a great starting point for brushing up on your skills. 


  1. The Odin Project

The Odin Project (TOP) provides a full stack curriculum to build your skills and develop your career. Detailed and easy-to-use resources that any programmer could benefit from.


  1. Web Fundamentals by Google

Google is one of the giants in the web building world. Here, they’ve compiled references to help developers build top websites. Definitely worth taking a look!


Remember that there are plenty of programming sites dedicated to specific languages. If you’re looking for resources on one language or topic, you should make a more precise search. For example, if you would like better insight into top JS frameworks, you can use these resources as a springboard to find more in-depth information about them.


Level up your programming skills with these online resources, including community sites, YouTube channels, blogs, podcasts, events and online courses!


Bogdan is the founder of Top Design Magazine. You can find him in Bucharest-Romania so next time you want to drink a beer there and talk about web and stuff, give him a message.