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30 Very Amusing Automotive Advertisements

Advertisements should be funny or clever, or both, but unfortunately we don’t see it very often. Most of the commercials are focused on pleasing too many types of people and that’s a mess.  Well, except those for fabric softener or detergents which are the worst. A consumer will easily remember a commercial if it’s funny, clever or bold, so please…do that.

In this article you can see a selection of 30 amusing advertisements for the automotive industry.

Nissan – Expandable Trunk

Mercedes-Benz – Detects hidden danger. The new Active Brake Assist

Volkswagen – You’ll never be surprised on road again

Yamaha Oxi-Sanitation – Your helmet bacteria free

Volkswagen – If you want to reach high, you must be made for higher

Goodyear – Goodyear Winter Tires. For the best grip in the worst conditions

Mazda CX7 – Predator Ride

Chery – Less Visits To The Pump

Ford Explorer – New (edge-lobo-explorer) with rear view camera

Dodge – get your car ready for summer

Audi – Don’t let your car get in your way. Pass by for a check-up

Volkswagen – DLAS automatically dims your headlights if there is another car nearby

Smart – the less polluting car of the world

Audi – The new A1 big idea condensed

Ford – The city is in your hands

Volkswagen – An all-new interior

Renault – With You From the Start

Land Rover – Go Beyond

Skoda – More Panoramic

Yamaha – The Greatest Fidelity

Peugeot – Parking Assistance Control

Volkswagen – The Golf R32 with horsepower

Peugeot – Bring Your Peugeot Back With Service 5+

Toyo – Gripping performance

Peugeot 207 RC – Peugeot pigeon

VW Caravelle – The family 4×4

Volkswagen Golf GTI – GTI speed…

Audi – Can’t stop driving

Toyota – Amazing from every point of view

Peugeot – Ready for the Weekend With You



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