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30 Superb Examples Of Package Designs Made By Students

Package design is one of my hobbies so that’s why I spend a lot of time looking for some new stuff. Recently I’ve noticed that students work is getting extremely good, and I believe that sometimes their designs are far better that the work made by professional  people with years of expertise. In this article you can see 30 examples of package designs made by some very talented students from around the world.

Designed by Lisa Furingsten, Ida Johansson, Stellan Rexmark  & Thomas Björksund

Designed by Senem Demirayak

Designed by Julian Yeo

Designed by Caroline Saridewi, Gina Chang, Molly Weber & Sanna Luuka

Designed by Kyle Hebert

Designed by Sergey Grigoryan

Designed by Danielle Mitchell

Designed by Valentin Bussard

Designed by Stren Pipkin

Designed by Veronica Clauss

Designed by Cory Etzkorn

Designed by Miguel Molina

Designed by Kylie-Ann Homer, Sadie Hines-Dedman & Senwelo Foster

Designed by Allison Braunstein

Designed by Conor Whelan

Designed by Chad Kirsebom

Designed by Freddy Taylor

Designed by Matt Smiroldo

Designed by Hanne Årsnes & Solveig Nordal

Designed by Leslie Ortiz

Designed by Ben Huttly

Designed by Bethany Heck

Designed by Yeongkeun

Designed by Abby Brewster

Designed by Stu Taylor


Designed by Niklas Hessman

Designed by Kayd Mustonen

Designed by Kevin Angeloni

Designed by Matthew Smiroldo

Designed by Linn Gustafsson


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