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30 Stunning Objects Made Only From Paper

When you look at a simple sheet of paper you probably think that its only purpose is to be scribbled. Even worse, when you look at an old and written paper you’ll probably that it must be recycled because you can’t do anything more with it. That’s wrong. First of all, we need to be more grateful because the evolution of our civilization is based on a piece of paper or well, other things which are similar. Second of all, an used paper can still be changed into something amazing. All you need to have is a little talent and a little patience and you can have stunning results. I mean did you ever thought that you can create stunning cars, houses or superheroes only by using paper? I didn’t.

So, check out these 30 stunning objects made only from paper and let me know what you think. Cool stuff, isn’t it?


Steampunk War Machine

Yamaha R1

Howl’s Moving Castle

Millennium Falcon

Fractal Paper Art


Paper cup


Japanese Paper Crafting


Hanuman – Paper craft model from Thailand

Paper cat

House interior


Audi A7

Retro Brooch

Paper roses

Quilled flower

Darth Vader

Time to celebrate St Pats. day



Alpha Letter



Book-A Shoe Made Of Wrapping Paper

Halloween House





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