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30 Real Life Examples of Advertising Using Logos or Signs

We talked a lot about logos, promotional materials or advertising and we saw hundreds of examples but only a few used in real life. In this article we can see a collection of 30 signs, logos or wall paintings from various places mainly in US. Most of them are a bit old or very used because I was interested in showing the ones that stood up in time and also the ones with iconic, bold or crazy design types. I hope you enjoy them and if you know other examples, don’t hesitate to share them with us.


Apache Drive In

El Rey Cafe

Under the Palms


The Grog Shop

“throw your waste in the trashcan, you bum / looser !”

 The Finger of God, Ghana West Africa

 Original Joe’s

Whittier Motel

Western Motel

Rocky Mountain High’s

Park Apartments

The colors of Pepsi

Victoria Bar

Coca-Cola versus Snowdrift

Rock Shop

Travel Inn Motel

Rubee’s Diner





Cottonwood – Flying-A-Service

Cottonwood – Budweiser

Vintage Used Cars Sign – Devon, Connecticut

Cleveland – Apple

Cadiz – Mr Fish




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