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30 Magic Rainbow Photography

It’s quite surprising how many people love rainbows but they don’t have any clue of how are formed. The birth of each rainbow begins with millions of tiny rain droplets that serve as a type of reflector of light.  White light enters one individual rain droplet and exits as one specific color of the spectrum.  

Sunlight enters the rain droplet at a specific angle and the rain droplet separates the white light into many different colors.  This angle is a fixed measurement between your eye and the sun.  What color is refracted depends upon the critical angle,  which is the angle the sunlight strikes the back of the rain droplet.  Red light bends the least, exiting the rain droplet at a 42 degree angle, while Violet light bends the most, exiting the rain droplet at a 40 degree angle.  All of the other colors of the rainbow exit the rain droplets at some angle between 40 and 42 degrees, thus making up the colors of the rainbow ROYGBIV, this order never changes.
































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