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30 Interesting Vintage Ads

Advertising is the soul of commerce, so they exist for a long time. If you were ever curious about how the ads looked like in the last 100 years, then this article is perfect for you.

Coca Cola, 1890

Texaco, 1932

Heinz, 1902

Polaroid, 1967

KFC, 1967

Samsonite, 1955

Nescafe, 1953

Schweppes, 1950



Motorola, 1950

Bayer Aspirin, 1947

Kodak, 1944

Nestle, 1940

Agfa Film, 1936

American Express, 1930

Burberry`s, 1924

Colgate, 1922

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes

Chicklets Chewing Gum

Lucas Bols’ Very Old Gin, 1922

Western Electric, n/a

Volkswagen, n/a

Sony, n/a


Cadillac, n/a



Kelvinator, 1955


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